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Ladies and gentlemen, townies and scum, the next round of GOG Mafia is ready to begin. Now all I need are some players.

If you're thinking of entering, please read the following few paragraphs first, as they are important.

As announced, this particular game will be slightly sped up compared to the previous ones we've had here. The basic time limit will be one week real world time per each in-game day, and everyone should post at least once every 36 hours (there will of course be leniency around weekends). What this means right now is that I'm asking for players who are more or less sure they will be able to devote their time to the game over the next six weeks or so. If you know you are expecting to sit through brutal exams / have your appendix taken out / be sent to Iraq on a mission sometime in the next month, this probably isn't a game for you.

Now of course the purpose of the whole thing is for everyone to have fun, so I won't mercilessly cut short ongoing discussions just because a week is up or modkill anyone who didn't show up for 36 hours to the minute. That wouldn't be particularly enjoyable, would it? Think of the time limits as a courtesy to the other players, rather than a rule set in stone, but do try to keep them if at all possible, please.

Got it? Great. I need 12 players. The game will be fairly newbie friendly, but one thing I'm saying here and now is that as this will be the fifth game on this forum, there will be zero tolerance of breaking the rules. I mean it. Even if you're new, there's plenty of material on this forum already to look at if you have any questions. Or simply ask me.

If more than 12 people will want to enter, newbies will be given precedence (which means saying you're a newbie when signing up will make my life a bit easier). The remaining players will be selected randomly. The signups close on Saturday, May 14, 21:00 GMT, give or take.

Mafia 5 players:


Replacements queue:


Left the game:

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/in. Hopefully this game won't drag on! Great idea with the shorter times, should make things more... exciting.
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I have no idea what this game is about, but I'll abide by your rules.
Considering that I'm currently modding mafia 4 and might have a slightly brutal exam coming up (Should be fairly easy to handle, though), I'm willing to sign up as backup if any will be necessary.
GameRager: Sorry carry on. It does sound interesting. What will the setting be?
All in due time.
in as I missed out on #4
In as well, though give the newer players priority too please.
I've been following the fourth game with interest, and I'd be willing to give it a try - count me in.
I forgot to mention - Ubivis was talking of starting Mafia 6 fairly soon (next week, I believe), so even if you don't make it into this game, there will be another one. I think he said it would be for more players, too, but I may be wrong there.
Well, I'm already in 4 but I'd be happy to sign up as a replacement in case you get lots of people being kicked out.
Here, here, pick me! I am newbie, I swear.
Notice I am first to let you know I am new so I should have priority. :-)
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Lynch All Liars!!
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*twiddles mustachio*

What be this?
jesskitten: Lynch All Liars!!
Unfortunately (or luckily) there are no liars in here. :-P

What have you changed it's turned into link? I qouted it when it was just text but the qoute consist of URL and now it's already link.
Sign me up.