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A_Future_Pilot: ...
DarkoD13: Too many amok votes! :D
There can never be too many amok votes
Lol! Fixed! Sorry about that...It all comes of posting while at work... :P
Nmiller's vote for Rob is an RSV vote.

Would be nice to see something else at this stage of the game.
I am struggling to decide who to vote for, no one is leaping to mind as obvious scum. I think I'll go for the lurkiest player, maybe it will encourage him to come forth to defend himself.

Vote: IShoot4lolz
@people voting for Lolz: If you're picking on lurkers, then why not vote for Nmillar?
Actually, I went back and checked, and Lolz has the least amount of posts versus other people who qualify as lurkers.
To be honest, I don't see anyone particularly standing out. I'm currently on cmdr_flashheart because something strikes me as a bit off. I didn't like the way in the early RVS stage, the first two votes went against people who already had votes as if there was an attempt to get early momentum. In the 5foote case, cmdr's vote that started the bandwagon mostly got ignored. Also seems too intent on trying to pin players down on unimportant minutia, almost seems like a distraction. All that said, cmdr has made a fair number of useful points that seem pro-town when it comes to discussion. So a mixed bag.

Flub is all over the place. Seems kinda random and argumentative. Not sure I see anything specific though.

Talika did start the cult bandwagon and I can see the argument that this is a distraction. That said, Talika really started the discussion as regards the format and background. It's either a very crafty scum play, or townie. I'm of the belief Talika is town. It seems the cult discussion started early, was based on the background.. Basically, since it was the first real discussion, there is nothing it distracts from. So I don't buy the scum argument at all.

As to TB or Amok, I'm not really seeing anything that sticks out to me.

I could swear I've read advice that says its better if town lynches day one, I'll join momentum on anyone except Telika. My gut says he's town. IShoot4lolz as a lurker, seems safe. Lurkers can be anyone since we have no read at all and it seems to me that while there are reasons a townie might lurk, there are more reason for scum, making a lurker maybe a better percentage bet. It also may solve the issue of replacement which may help our moderator.

Thus, for now...
Vote IShoot4lolz

Hopefully this is a good start on my vow of clearer thinking...
cmdr_flashheart: Nmiller's vote for Rob is an RSV vote.

Would be nice to see something else at this stage of the game.
Last time I had a full-on confrontation with Telika on day 1; I figured a quieter, blending into the background approach might be better this time around.

Unvote Robbeasy, vote IShoot4lolz (for the sake of the mod's sanity).
It's gettting too late, and I had barely time to do the reread I wanted. I wanted to investigate the "he is scummy so I will not vote for him because he is scummy" arguments, but I had the impression that it involved many people. My quick read only found :

amok 150
I agree with this.... but something feels wrong. I am not ready to vote flubb yet... I don't know... it just feels too obvious?

amok 159
"and want to get lynched. But if you are working for good (Hurray) or evil (Booooo) I am not sure yet."

amok 166
H"owever, Flub may be some kind of voodoo master who can recruit dead players after he has been killed and can control the underworld... or something like that... that the game may be about control of the afterlife. That way, it makes sense for him to die as soon as possible. I do have a wild imagination, though, but I want to err on the side of caution. "

cspvg 187
"Other than that, flubbucket seems to be acting a little more silly/crazy than he 'normally' is. I have a suspicion that he's a bit too eager to be lynched on the first day."

cspvg 266
"I first wanted to vote for flubbucket, but he's (as I've stated before) acting in such an overtly silly/ scummy way that I can't but help think that he actually wants to be lynched. "

amok 267
"I do think flub is a bit too eager to find out what happens after he is lynched. "

It's not much. So, at down, no powerful supplementary analysis. I would keep my vote on CSPVG for the reasons already exposed in my voting post (268), but for results sake -and results sake only- I am switching to my other target :

Unvote CSPVG
Vote Flubbucket (even if the "he's too scummy to be lynched" argument is scummy, it can be used for coscum distanciation as well as for indirect wagonning encouragement, so it doesn't say much about its target himself)

And I fiind the IShoot4lolz vote's rationale ("he's too eager for a lynch") rather weak - as I wouldn't have survived the 1st day of my 1st game if it was so significant, for a newbie. It will be a bandwagon to watch.

In case I don't re-post before dusk, well, good night. Let's see who survives or, as you know what I'm anxious about, who will still be himself tomorrow...
Sorry I don't see any real reason for voting for Ishoot4lolz at all - in fact i think the bandwagon is a little sharp...

I'm more than comfortable keeping my vote on Flubbucket and I do think he's the best lynch candidate by far on the first day - he's done more than enough to warrant it.
@RWarhall: are you implying that Vitek/5foote could have been voted off based on an argument of poor grammar? How people don't see that whole thing as RSV/joke is beyond me.

Also, if you're not being disingenuous, then you would have mentioned that you were the first to suggest "lynching him"

Like I said, the whole thing plays out as a joke in my eyes, but any insistence to say otherwise seems like weak scum play/distraction to me.

Moreover, if Lolz isn't a townie, I am going to change my name to cmdr_flashpants. Hate to see this happen to him because we might not get anything more than we know.

Unvote amok (for now)
Vote Lolz
How much time do we have left?
amok: How much time do we have left?
It's 2PM in CST, so about 7 hours.
amok: How much time do we have left?
cmdr_flashheart: It's 2PM in CST, so about 7 hours.
Hmm.. I will most probably be at sleep in a couple of hours, so I will still stay on Flub. If there are more vote on Lulz, I may change in last minute before sleeping to make sure we get at least a lynch.
Oh eff, I wrote Lolz instead of Flub here

Unvote mistake vote
vote Flub