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flubbucket is a bit of a queen, not sure if he's the killer variety though.
Unvote nmillar, vote SirPrimalform. Because voting for oneself is frowned upon, and SirPrimalform is almost always the bad guy.
amok: Dearest Moderator

When is the deadline again?

Kindest regards
It is July 1st (tomorrow). Sometime near the end of the day CST.
nmillar: flubbucket is a bit of a queen, not sure if he's the killer variety though.
nmillar: flubbucket is a bit of a queen, not sure if he's the killer variety though.
flubbucket: Unvote:nmillar


Yeah, I get it, I think.

Not removing my vote though; we need a dang lynch.
Didn't want to crawl out of the woodwork for this, but I think I've regained my mental capacity to enough of a degree that I don't confuse myself with simple words.

I feel like I'm a broken record...not in the sense that I've repeated myself a few times, but in the sense that it's day 2, and I'm going to do the same damn thing I did at the end of Day 1.

Vote Telika

I'm VERY concerned about his address to Flub's group. It's blatant fishing and it sorta got a shrug of the shoulders when he admitted to it.

Telika: So. I'm adressing to the 5 members of Flub's group. Do you not have the impression that scums are frolicking in your ranks, that hopping from pseudonym to pseudonym with no accountability and being protected from direct investigation is a perfect -and largely exploited- environment for scum ?

Or do you think there is any even remotely townie motivation for 18 pseudonyms ?

I for one would scumhunt in that era in priority, within it if I belonged to it, and any of my suspects turning out to belong to that group will get a suspicion bonus (heck, even the not-suspect-yet would appear on the radar). But my point is : I am surprised that nobody in your group pointed out this situation (and these behaviours) earlier, with his alarm bells fully ringing.
Telika: Basically yes. Though I think several can be identified already through statements and reactions. I was already, in day 1, suspicious of the 5-members group, and now I'm reaching the point where I think it's worth identifying them.

But even without that, I think they should scrutinize each others a lot. And I think that the townies amongst them not notifying us of such scummy behaviour within their ranks was already a mistake.
Left both quotes, but there is something I want to draw people's attention to. "I was already, in day 1, suspicious of the 5-members group". This stands out to me, since at this point it reads (to me, but that might be my mind still half groggy), that he knew that flub's group had 5 members already on day 1. Yeah, it's probably a bit of a stretch though, but I don't have that much to go on.

Telika: As we don't have access to the quicktopic where this is all happening, we have to delegate. To the members of Flub's species. More than to Flub himself, who is pretty much below the bottom of the list of people I'd trust for that.
There's something I find interesting about this quote. He's pushing Flub as what feels like he's obvious scum, but it takes a few days before he's willing to actually vote. He's repeatedly said that Flub can't be trusted, that we should hear from Flub's group, possibly someone who can't even be proven is IN the group since Flub said that there were a lot of alias' in use. But it took him so long to finalize his vote and put it where his mouth is, and even then only at the point where we absolutely need a lynch. In fact, the vote was only placed 18 hours before my post, around 2 days after that last quote!

So, yeah, that's my vote, there's my peace to the best of my ability. If people don't like it fine, but my vote is where I believe it needs to be.
I apologise for my absence yet again. One of my family members is unwell due to some unfortunate heart problems, so I've been busy dealing with that (and playing Saints Row, if I'm honest).

I've only read up until post 515, and must say that Ixamyakxim is the scummiest player to me at the moment.

In post 499 and 509, he hops between voting for Vitek and voting for Darko, and seems to think that they're somehow being- Well, I'm not even really sure what he's accusing them of, and he seems to think that flubbucket is in some way revealing something about himself, when in fact this doesn't appear to be the cast.

His posts are just all around odd, so I'm going to have to Vote: Ixamyakxim.

I promise to catch up during the night phase.
flubbucket: Unvote:nmillar
Krypsyn: *sigh*


Yeah, I get it, I think.

Not removing my vote though; we need a dang lynch.
My apologies. He cleared up something with that post. I also want to make sure we achieve a lynch and I will be voting. I'm currently reading and checking but wanted to make sure this was addressed to your satisfaction.

Well at least addressed....

Okay work is really getting in the way of what is important!

I will also say I think there is a cult at work more than a mafia clan. I have no evidence only a nagging suspicion which I can't seem to shake. I have a sinking feeling the cult leader could have a level of immunity or some way to continue at least in the early stages. However I will vote because the laissez faire attitude of SirPrimalform has me concerned he could be the bad guy. 1) not contributing even though there has been much analyze 2) not posting since June 23rd

Vote: SirPrimalform

Ixamyakxim: ................

A bourbon drinker! I can trust a bourbon drinker!

I'll drink to that....after I get home of course
Can we have a vote count please?
Although I have been almost as slack as SPF when it comes to posting this game (I can only apologise, upheavals at work!)..

I am also going to

vote SirPrimalForm

mainly because i refuse to let another day slip by without a lynch, and his lack of input is as good a reason as any
Hya, my valiant monitor fell in the battle with the Hordes of Dark (or with age perhaps) and I have been living in the dark since then. I finally got new one today so I can participate again.
I'll get to the reading soon. Hoepfully.
Glad to see that others (CSPVG) agree with my vote on Ixamyakxim - I still consider him the best target, but clearly its not bringing the lynch any closer with just two votes.

Another option for a lynch is flubbucket, primarily due to day 1 behavior and the latest revelations he made, where a lynch could go ways to confirm it and bring some solid facts.

SPF: Hmm it would be a lurker vote, but I was willing to do that on day 1 to get a lynch (though circumstances was different (given the replacement)). Still its been forever since I've seen a post by him - followed by JMich and P1na whom are both fairly silent as well.

Of those the current votes is going towards SPF - So while I prefer lxamyakxim, I have to agree we need a lynch, SPF is more likely (given current votes) to be lynched and given the lack of activity - not a bad target.

So in the interest of lynching: Unvote - Vote SirPrimalForm

The exciting part now will be how many of our lurkers will notice the deadline - and how they react.
flubbucket: My apologies. He cleared up something with that post.
Yeah, the sound of subtext was rather deafening. ;)

And, it looks like my vote is going to come full circle, as there is a better choice for lynch now:

Unvote: nmillar
Vote: SirPrimalform
Wow this is happening quickly! Is this how it usually plays out? Still think Darko inadvertently "spilled the beans" about having a knowledge of a "cult" quicktopic but I can certainly get on board culling a solid lurker.

Unvote Darko

Vote SirPrimalForms
Ixamyakxim: Wow this is happening quickly! Is this how it usually plays out?
On GOG, yes, but other forums can and do behave differently. Many folks here like to do little for most of the Day, then pile on in the 11th hour. It sometimes makes me wonder why we bother with longer Days at all, since 90% of the voting, thus analyzable activity, comes in the last 24 to 48 hours anyway. But, that is a subject for another place and time. ;)