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Your very own fantastic playground.

Two Worlds 2: Epic Edition, a vast fantasy realm full of danger and adventure for you to explore and conquer, is available 60% off on That's only $7.99 for the next 24 hours!

There are some role-playing games that you cannot simply put down, once you start playing. They suck you in whole into their reality, making you feel like you belong. You explore their vast worlds, accumulate wealth and power, meet the inhabitants, and leave a mark on their lives. Then, all of a sudden, you notice that you've actually started to live in the game. Your character becomes your actual alter ego and your imagination makes everything that's happening on the screen even more real. The connection is made, and--metaphorically speaking--you live a part of your own soul in the game, forever. You gain the magical ability to transport yourself into the game's world on a whim, just by closing your eyes and thinking about familiar landscapes. This is such a game.

Two Worlds 2: Epic Edition includes the basic game as well as Pirates of the Flying Fortress and Castle Defence expansions. That means, as soon as you play through the main scenario where you forge an alliance with the fearsome Orcs to fight for your freedom against an even more wicked foe, you'll get to continue your adventures in the rich fantasy land. You will hunt for the treasure of the cursed archipelago alongside the legendary pirate, captain Ed Teal of the dreaded Flying Fortress. Then, you can choose an entirely new perspective and become the villainous Emperor Gandohar, who struggles to fight off the invading hordes of Orcs and defend his wealth. All the grand adventure awaits you in the diverse and robust environment of the land of Antaloor!

Relocating to a fantastic land, far away from your mundane troubles, with Two Worlds 2: Epic Edition, now only costs $7.99 on! The promo lasts until Thursday, August 8, at 9:59AM GMT.
Huff: Shame theres no offer on the whole series. I have the first wishlisted
Seconded. May pick it up anyway at this price. Perhaps then I can get the first one slightly reduced under GOG's new "permabundle" feature.
neilmoon: What is the difference between Velvet Edition and this?
This edition includes the Velvet Edition WITHOUT the activation progress and additional includes the standalone game "Castle Defense" and both soundtracks!
Not interested but good promo.
Stashing cash to shower GOG with $ in return for showering me with classics...
metaljah: Velvet edition is a boxed copy of the same thing.
JMich: Velvet Edition misses the "Two Worlds 2: Castle Defense" part. It also includes an activation system that may or may not be to your liking.
thanks for info...
Pirates of the Flying Fortress was so damn bad. Do major, earth-shaking quests in the first game. Do farm chores for whiny teenagers in the sequel.

But the game itself is pretty good. Nice promo.
Licurg: Not interested but good promo.
Hmmm... I don't have the first one so I'll give this a miss for now.
Time to check out the new checkout.

Bad pun, I know. :(

edit: Hm, didn't notice any differece. Shouldn't there now be a notification about system requirements or sumtin like that?
Post edited August 07, 2013 by Bavarian
Good game, underrated. I actually liked the snarky dialogue and the magic system is great. Nice unique areas to explore.
Nice, game is "0 MB" in size on the gamecard and in my game library shows only the bonus items.
how is this compared to first game?
Now it shows 4.8GB on the Gamecard and the files are showing up. The backend DB must have been very busy. One more off my wishlist.
L0stOldGamer: Nice, game is "0 MB" in size on the gamecard and in my game library shows only the bonus items.
All installers should be showing for Two Worlds II.
nijuu: how is this compared to first game?
Not much better, which is to say, quite bad.