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Have also spare code for The Witcher 2, anyone want it just tell!
Desjay: OK, Another question (sorry), once I give the code to a friend, how do they go about redeeming it?
I'm going to have to walk them through it.
Do they add the game to their cart and there will be an opportunity to enter the code there?
How does it work?
Grilledfish: Just have them click on the the URL you were given for the code, or alternately, through the REDEEM CODE link on the footer of the site. Looks like: ht tp:// , where the Xs is the code itself you can paste into the box. When they do that, they will get the confirmation and when it's accepted, it will automatically add the game to their library and send a receipt as if they've purchased it.

Also, I also have a Witcher 2 code to give to someone.
I never noticed that REDEEM CODE in the bottom of the website before.
They should put it up in the top menu.
I also have a spare 'The Witcher 2' code to giveaway. PM me if you're interested :)
Got a copy of witcher 2 if anyone is interested pm me for key
I still also have mine...
The code I posted some days ago hasn't been redeemed, yet, when I checked a few seconds ago.
So, if someone is stillinterested, here you go:
Code has been redeemed

Feel free to contact me if you want to know if the code has been redeemed yet and I'll check.
Though I'll edit the code out omce it has been used.
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Code still available. Just PM me.


Code taken by montcer9012

Also have some Torchlight codes.

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I have a code to give away
I would like Witcher 2 if any still available thanks.
Someone please find a use for this so it doesn't goto waste.

Witcher 2:

Also two other games I have sitting in my gifts.


One more Witcher 2 code up for grabs:
I redeemed Witcher 2 and thank you so much +rep.

Since we are getting close to the expiration date, I PM some of you hoping someone still have those Witcher 2 key; i convinced my brother and a friend to get into GOG, the key is for them since i already have the game.

Update: Already got 2, thanks to rtcvb32, WMDMaster, and thanks to algirdexas699 for the effort by keeping all this together and alive!
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Great job everyone! Everyone is helping complete the mission for everyone in the world to have a TW2 game! Keep up the good work! :D Happy holidays to all, and hope you all have a great New Year, too!
Here's another Witcher 2 code for someone:
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