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HG1995: Should be uncensored after new game R18 rating started in Australia.
Are succubuss.dzip elf_flotsam.dzip in the CookedPC folder.
Here's some more info.
HeDanny: I do not have the game installed so I can not check this. Did CD Projekt re-submit it for reclassification? I didn't hear about this. The game is still labelled "The Witcher 2 (AU)" on my shelf. If it was no longer censored it would simply say "The Witcher 2" I think?
Just checked games shelf and I don't have the The witcher 2 EE AU. I Just have The Witcher EE.
I purchased when Geo-IP was turned off on December 10, 2011, so I have always had uncensored version.
I am not sure if CD Projekt re-submitted it for reclassification but they should have.
Sorry I can't remember all the updates but i thought I read somewhere that EE was uncensored for Aussies now can't really check, internet connection really bad today.
Sorry i can't help.
Not a problem mate. thanks anyway.
WhiteRakogis: I have a spare Witcher 2 code. PM if you want - first come, first serve.

While I'm clearing out extra codes, I also have spare codes for previous freebies Torchlight and Dungeon Keeper gathering dust on my gifts list, and two spare codes for the original Gabriel Knight, which never was a freebie, also gathering dust on my gifts list. PM if you want any of those as well - also first come, first serve.

EDIT: I'm out of Gabriel Knight codes, but the rest are still available.
Just wanted to say thanks again for Gabriel Knight.
Another one, expires today so don't know if it is still valid, XA7166C00469B008G

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That's the place I've been looking for!
Rep+ for OP, also have one The Witcher 2 code I wish to gift someone would enjoy this great game -> XAF036BFF9E6E3AAG

already gone ; ) have fun stranger!

All the best and Happy New Year!
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Have 2 more torchlight codes just PM me if interested.
Look, it's another Witcher 2 Code:


Happy New Year all
If you want a code to grab "The Witcher 2", just ask me.

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Here's another code, enjoy!


Happy new year!
The Witcher 2 free code, expires today so grab it quick - Happy New Year!

See you on
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Another Witcher 2 Key: XAB57D04B6910ED5G
I still have a code for Witcher 2, PM me if interested

Edit: key is expired
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Same here, key still available, expires in some hours XA3636BE730D9A91G
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Oh, I almost forgot about that key. So in case there's still anybody out there without a copy of The Witcher 2 PM me. Hurry up, the code expires in a few hours.