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Puzzle Agent Short and the puzzles were quite easy. Voice acting was surprisingly good, and the game was fun, but there really should have been more puzzles.
And Gatling Gears is now a finished game! I had shelved that one when I saw that I needed an xBox controller to play it correctly. Now that I have one, I decided to give it a try.

A very nice game. Excellent graphics, detailed but still very clear. Excellent maniability, which is essential in what is not far away from a a manic-shooter. Okay, it's not DoDonPachi, but still, sometimes, the screen IS full of bullets and missiles! ^_^

The story is correct, even if it's not what I pay the most attention to in a shooter.

6 hours to wrap it, I'm a bit on the slow side but I've never been an expert in shooter games... ^^'

Anyway, very nice little game, I'm happy to have given it a try!

so far in 2012 :
Broken Sword 1 finished finally after 12 years!

Found the ending to a bit of a letdown to be honest...
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I really need to finish at least a handful of games this year before the year is out :/
10-06-12 Wizorb (Steam)

Games finished in 2012
Just finished Diablo III (PC).
Finished it on Normal as the Witchdoctor.

Here's My Games Finished in 2012 List, all updated:
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Finished Transformers: War for Cybertron

A good game but sadly level design is not really varied which makes the game a bit too repetitive. Differents places are explored but the level design doesn't really changes.
Half-Life 2 + Episode One.

Hasn't aged much, in my opinion. Then again I have barely played any FPS games released after HL: Episode 2, except for Duke Nukem Forever.
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Lord of the Rings: War in the North - forced to stop due to gamebreaking bug that has not been patched out in over a year, with no desire to replay up to said point in the game.
I just finished "The Quest" from Redshift, a small indie company in europe. One of my favorite games and fairly simple to play once you get past the oldschoolishness..heh. If you don't get at least 20% magic resistance, don't fight mages or priests of any kind, you will be 1 shotted.

2nd game I beat from 2012, Avernum Escape from the Pit being the other.
Finished Baldur's Gate; the first time I tried to play it vanilla, and gave up. This time I modded the hell out of it, and it was ... pretty fun? The reviews on its game page all seem to be gushing, five-star paeans in its praise, which I think is pretty excessive, but I expect I'll get around to playing the sequel at some point.
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Mount and blade. Defeated everyone my faction was at war with and not really anything else to do in it now.
I just finished DUKE NUKEM 3D Atomic Edition from GOG. This game is just pure AWESOMENES from start to finish. All the detail, level design, DUKE memorable quotes, all small things, 99% of ingame things like lamps, TV screens, computers, and a lot of other stuff is destructible, fantastic enemies, weapons, music, and the great humour.
DUKE NUKEM 3D is by far the best FPP shooter I've ever played. All those modern super-hiper FPP shooters with modern graphics and physics are no match for DN3D. Every FPP shooter fan should play DN3D.
Beat Adventures of Shuggy (Single player) Nice puzzle-platformer with a heavier emphasis on the platforming. A bit on the easy side, though there were definitely levels I had to try over and over again. Achievements are relatively easy to get as well.

Edit: Patchwork - a very nice though very short point&click adventure game from the summerbatch bundle (still running) Lacuna Reaver - an all right freeware RPG made by a CSUSB students.

Edit 2: Barely Floating also from Summerbatch bundle. Actually didn't expect it to be very good from the flash-like graphics, but it turned out to be a pretty good adventure game after all.

Edit 3: Nancy the Happy Whore and the Perfidious Petrol Station from same bundle. An all right adventure title with some funny writing.

Edit 4: Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils - very nice Metroidvania game, which switches things up half-way through.

Edit 5: Piss - another game from the Summerbatch bundle, and more than worth the piddly asking price all by itself. Very easy, but beautiful (and very disturbing) story. Definitely not for little kids, not least because of the (R-rated) sex scene.

Edit 6: The Witch's Yarn - an interesting take on the adventure genre, but either I am extremely obtuse or there is way too much trial and error in this one.

Edit 7: Magi - a rather unique magic user dueling game. Finally managed to beat it on Normal, I don't think I'm smart enough to handle Survival.
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Majesty 2 today. I liked it much less than Majesty 1 but still 80 hours invested into gamespeaks for itself. I finished base game looooong time ago and only recently started to go through expansions, which were so-so. Well, the first one was good, the second one was average and the third one had nice concept (I enjoyed controling monsters) but it was probably rushed out. It contained a lot of spelling errors, text often made no sense (the advisor voice actor had to change it a LOT), some creatures felt like reskinned human heroes, story was often quite far-fetched, advisor sometimes stopped speaking nad his text went really fast (not limited to this expansion) and it crashed very frequently (probably memory leak).

It deserves 7/10.

I won't include it into full list until GOG fixes the broken post problem.