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L.A. Noire (PC)

Excellent game. Voice acting is probably the best I've seen in a video game; it even beats previous favourite Final Fantasy XII.
Full list:

10. LIMBO (2011) (PC, 12.6.2012, 8/10)

Very nice puzzle-platformer with eerie setting, graphics and sound. Nice to see classy indie games like this. Difficulty level was spot on, albeit a bit too many timing puzzles towards the end. Zero replay value, I guess.
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Finished Zombie Shooter. Not bad but not really good neither. It was quite fun until the last level for which the difficulty was too much. Music was nice. Leveling system was completely useless.

This year :
- Atom Zombie Smasher
- Cave Story+
- Costume Quest
- DLC Quest
- Fahrenheit
- Iji
- Jurassic Park: The Game
- Limbo
- Lucidity
- Lume
- Rayman Raving Rabbits
- Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack
- Serious Sam: The Random Encounter
- Shank
- Soulcaster 1&2
- The Witcher 2
- Your Doodles Are Bugged
- Zombie Shooter
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technically, I guess the only one I really completed in 2012 was TW2, but I have started several others. :D
Just finished Duke Nukem Forever, yay.
Finished Bastion last night. Late to the party etc. but such an amazing game.
Just finished Alice: Return to Madness. What a great game! A very worthy successor to American McGee Alice, which was already a good game, even if the controls were a little bit awkward sometimes.

Here Alice benefits from the Unreal Engine... and it's damn beautiful! Well, beautiful might not apply to some landscapes Alice is evolving in, but still this game has a real artistic direction. Beware, the main point is madness, and madness is not pretty, so I guess it means this game is only for grown-ups... and it's perfect like that!

Alice... is a platformer, but you will also have to fight, with 4 different weapons you'll gather through the game. Some foes have special weaknesses to some weapons, so observe them well and choose the right weapon! You can also upgrade your weapons with the teeth (!!) you'll be gathering from monsters and destructible things.

But Alice is also a game full of secrets. At the beginning of the game, Alice drinks a potion that makes her able to shrink at will. And when she shrinks, she can see things she can't when she's "normal": clues, hidden passages, bonuses...

This is the key to the game, because you will mostly evolve in Alice's tortured mind and dreams. So you will gather memories from the different people she knows and try to discover what really happened during the fire that costed the lives of all her family...

Lots of witty dialogues, gripping moments and an awesome final boss fight!!

So... it's a perfect game? No, of course. Don't try to play it without a gamepad, it's just hell. Then, the cameras are sometimes placed in awkward positions, which sometimes makes the action a little messy... But with the stick controlling the camera, you generally can solve the problem quickly. The target locking system is interesting, but needs some practice to be fully mastered.

But those little problems don't prevent Alice... to be a great game! With a good replay value, since on my first run I spent around 17hs playing and I only did around 80% of the game, I think. There are still lots of secrets to discover, bonuses to unlock and to finish the game the first time unlocks the "new game +" mode, with other costumes and bonuses.

I'm really glad to have picked up this game during a Steam sale, it will definitely stay in my gaming library as one of the best games I've ever played!

My full list for 2012 so far:
Started (and finished) Battlefield 3 yesterday.

Okay game, some missions were interesting and fun to play (namely the tank mission and despite the rail shootery aspect, the jet mission). The story could have taken an interesting direction but instead the way it was structured - missions strung together by the barest of cutscenes - really harmed the gravity of the situations.
Dead Space
Tron Evolution
Dead Space 2
Mega Man: Network Transmission
Duke Nukem Forever
Hard Reset
BloodRayne 2
Bob Came in Pieces
Mega Man 10
Serious Sam 3: BFE
Resident Evil (GameCube remake)
Cave Story+ (normal ending only)
Transformers: War for Cybertron
Jade Empire: Special Edition
Alan Wake (+ both DLCs - The Signal & The Writer)
American McGee's Alice

------------- since then

Resident Evil 5 (with AI controlled Sheva)
Project I.G.I. (probably my 6th or 7th time going through it - one of my all-time favourite shooters)
Just finished don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story.
If only AAA games had Christine Love for story writer....

On the side note I did feel bit uncomfortable about storyline and all gay relationships. Not in a homophobic way, just...weird.

Also reminder to self: Go buy Analogue: A Hate Story
Escape Goat: A simple yet charming and clever puzzle platformer about a goat and a mouse trying to escape from a prison. The game is not very hard, nor is it very long (1h 40min for me, and I was stuck on a certain level for a while (level 8 in the last chapter, if you want to know)), but if you enjoy puzzle platformers then do give this one a try.
It was made by the same person who created Soulcaster, and that is noticeable. Both the graphics & music has a similar style to it, though the games are very different.
I finished 'Thief II:The Metal Age',yesterday.
Second game for the day!
Noitu Love 2: Devolution: Another short one (1h). This was a pretty interesting take on the 2d platformer genre. Instead of jumping on enemies or shooting them, you click at them, at which point your character will dash towards them and attack. click more and she attacks again. The game was pretty easy, and I doubt anyone who has some experience with 2d platformers will have any trouble at all with beating it.
Graphics looked like something straight out of an early 90's arcade game, bright, colourful and relatively deatailed, with smooth animations.
Crysis and Crysis Warhead.
Done with Halo 3. Liked it the best of the three gameplay wise (though it was considerably easier), but as a conclusion to a trilogy it was severely lacking, a step back in storytelling, lots of wasted potential, and incredibly anticlimatic all around (particularly the "final boss").

Dark Lord
Super Robot Wars OG2
Ys 4: Mask of the Sun
Final Fantasy 4 Interlude
Duke Nukem 3d
Blocks That Matter
Final Fantasy 13
Fragile Dreams
Fallout 1
Breath of Death 7
Hyperdimension Neptunia
Tales of Graces f
Sands of Destruction
Batman Arkham City
New Super Mario Brothers Wii
Final Fantasy 3 DS
Alpha Protocol
Final Fantasy 13-2
Rune Factory 3
Dragon Age Origins
Halo 3