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Took me a little while to get used to the keyboard and mouse controls on this. I thought it would be more like diablo, was fun once I got used to it though. Also the narrator was quite cool but I had trouble following the story some times because he would start talking about stuff in the middle of a fight I'm trying to survive in. It could have been better implemented at points like that.
Just finished Metro 2033. I really enjoy this game, it has a nice post apocalypse setting and my biggest fear was that the game was trying to copy the setting of fallout, but i feel that they achieved what they wanted and is a different felling from the post apocalyptic world of fallt and in my point of view that was great, because it gave him a very cool atmosphere. I enjoy the possibility of doing the missions either stealth without killing anyone or choose to kill everyone either silently or not. The other thing that I enjoyed is that you see that the main character is not a superman and you really feel the fear of ending dead in a matter of seconds. The only thing I didn't like was the checkpoints and not having the ability to save at least one or two times during the level. That said by 5$ it was a really great game and well worth the money, and I'm looking forward for the next one and I may even get it full price.
Now I think I'm going to order the book from the bookdepository :P
1.The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina Of Time 3d-3ds 19/2/12
2.Star Fox 64 3d-3ds 21/2/12
3.Ace Attorney-Justice For All-Wii-2/3/12
4.No More Heroes 2-Desperate Struggle-Wii-3/3/12
5.Punch Out-Wii-3/3/12
6.Metal Gear Solid 2-Sons Of Liberty-PS3-11/3/12
7.Metal Gear Solid 3-Snake Eater-PS3-12/3/12
8.Metal Gear Solid-Peace Walker-PS3-15/3/12
9.Metal Gear-PS3-16/3/12
10.Metal Gear 2-Solid Snake-PS3-17/3/12
11.Metal Gear Solid 4-Guns of the Patriots-PS3-31/3/12
12.Super Mario Land-Game Boy-6/4/12
13.Super Mario Land 2-Game Boy-7/4/12
14.Mario Kart 7-3DS-9/4/12
15.Kirbys Adventure-3D Classics-3DS-10/4/12
16.Super Mario Bros-The Lost Levels-Wii-14/4/12
17.Super Mario Bros 2-Wii-15/4/12
18.Super Mario Bros 3-Wii-15/4/12
19.Wario Land-Shake It-Wii-19/4/12

was fun if short
Finished another one.

Wing Commander 2 - Vengeance of the Kilrathi

Yep, I'm playing the series backwards, it seems. @_@

Beat the level 40 boss, and was rewarded with the game freezing in a white screen while the music kept playing.....

Ah well, it was still fun shooter.
Finished Fahrenheit and I liked it. It was not the first time I played it so I knew what game to expect. Anyway, it was a nice adventure, except for the lame story twist at the end. I didn't hate the QTE, it is nice to have from time to time an adventure game with other gameplay mechanisms than point & click.

This year :
- Atom Zombie Smasher
- Cave Story+
- Costume Quest
- DLC Quest
- Fahrenheit
- Iji
- Limbo
- Lume
- Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack
- Shank
- Soulcaster 1&2
- The Witcher 2
- Your Doodles Are Bugged
1. Assassin's Creed II + Both DLC Sequences- Xbox 360; 1/4/2012 9/10
2. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: The DaVinci Disappearance- PS3; 1/5/2012 9.5/10
3. Assassin's Creed Revelations- PS3; 1/11/2012 9/10
4. Mario Kart 7- 3DS; 1/13/2012 8/10
5. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus (Platinum Trophied)- PS3; 1/18/2012 9/10
6. Uncharted II- PS3; 1/29/2012 8/10
7. Super Mario Bros.- 3DS; 2/15/2012 6/10
8. Banjo-Kazooie- N64; 2/20/2012 8.5/10
9. Jak & Daxter- PS3; 2/24/2012 100% Completion 3/4/2012 9.5/10
10. Jak II- PS3; 2/28/2012 7/10
11. Jak III- PS3; 3/7/2012 7.5/10
12. Super Mario 3D Land (Luigi).- 3DS; 3/12/2012 9/10
13. Tales of Symphonia- Gamecube; 3/28/2012 9.5/10
14. DLC Quest- Xbox 360; 4/1/2012 8/10
15. EA Sports MMA (Career Mode)- Xbox 360; 4/20/2012 8/10 (Rented this one from my local library basically on a Whim the other day. There isn't really too much to say about this one... I really did enjoy how the training mini-games worked in the game though. You get an A rank on an exercise & you basically never have to do it again... all you have to do is sim it too get full credit. I will also admit that the game is a lot better gameplay-wise than I was expecting after playing that god awful demo... It isn't as good as UFC or anything, but it was a solid game & I feel that if they were to take this game's submission system & implant it into the next UFC game, they would have the perfect MMA game)
Just finished Broken Sword 2 for the first time :)
(at work) (I like my job ;) )

Add that to the list:
Baldur's Gate 2 (SOA and TOB) (first time)
Baldur's Gate (2nd playthrough)

Currently playing BG2 (2nd playthrough ... I must really like this game/series, yay for mods)
06/01/2012: Magic: the Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012
09/01/2012: Portal 2
17/01/2012: Bloodrayne
18/01/2012: Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
27/01/2012: Space Rangers
28/01/2012: Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within
15/02/2012: Fortix 2
18/02/2012: Alpha Protocol
11/03/2012: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
17/03/2012: Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link DLC
06/04/2012: Shank
06/04/2012: DLC Quest
07/04/2012: Lume
16/04/2012: Faerie Solitaire
21/04/2012: Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut While I did enjoy the game a lot, with more satisfying part being the 1st time I managed to assassinate a templar, and the most enjoyable part being throwing people off roofs, I'm annoyed at the ending. Will not spoil it, but damn it...
JMich: Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut I'm annoyed at the ending. Will not spoil it, but damn it...
Why is that? I thought it was one of the best endings in the series... plus it was pretty obvious after a certain point that "he" was really a villain by the way he usually spun your questions so that he wouldn't be exposed.
Roberttitus: Why is that? I thought it was one of the best endings in the series... plus it was pretty obvious after a certain point that "he" was really a villain by the way he usually spun your questions so that he wouldn't be exposed.
Not the In-Animus Ending. The out of Animus Ending. See Writing, Get Credits...

Complete List
Finished Skyrim and Fallout 3 for the second time.
Botanicula (great!)
Trauma (short but I liked it)
MechWarrior 2 31st century combat: Finished Clan Wolf's campaign. I'll play through Clan Jade Falcon's campaign at a later date.