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To the Moon
Jolly Rover

(DLC Quest - too short to be called an achievement ;) )
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1. Assassin's Creed II + Both DLC Sequences- Xbox 360; 1/4/2012 9/10
2. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: The DaVinci Disappearance- PS3; 1/5/2012 9.5/10
3. Assassin's Creed Revelations- PS3; 1/11/2012 9/10
4. Mario Kart 7- 3DS; 1/13/2012 8/10
5. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus (Platinum Trophied)- PS3; 1/18/2012 9/10
6. Uncharted II- PS3; 1/29/2012 8/10
7. Super Mario Bros.- 3DS; 2/15/2012 6/10
8. Banjo-Kazooie- N64; 2/20/2012 8.5/10
9. Jak & Daxter- PS3; 2/24/2012 100% Completion 3/4/2012 9.5/10
10. Jak II- PS3; 2/28/2012 7/10
10. Jak III- PS3; 3/7/2012 7.5/10 (Unlike the previous 2 games I never played *& obviously never beat as such* this on the PS2, meaning that this was my first ever experience with the game. Sadly it was just more of the same from the second game... Had there been less a focus on vehicles & more of a focus on platforming & shooting, I think this game would have been far better.)
Hey Lukaz, I'm Dragobr. Just letting you know I've changed my name.
Drakhyrr: Hey Lukaz, I'm Dragobr. Just letting you know I've changed my name.
i din't know you could do that.
Zombie Shooter. Alot of blood, bullets and one sore trigger finger.
Just finished for the PC today on 3-7-2012:
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

So far, finished for the PC in this year of 2012:
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - 3-7-2012
L.A. Noire: Complete Edition - 1-3-2012
MysterD: Just finished for the PC today on 3-7-2012:
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
what do you think about it?
Just finished Bioshock 1, finally ! This game is so long and seems a bit overrated, graphic and sound are good, story is awesome but gameplay is quite linear, boring (i play in hard difficulty so always gather some stuffs, fight some Splicers, die, respawn in Vita-chamber and so on).
I get good ending when save all Little sisters xD and when meet the final boss Fontaine i have nearly 600 Adams not-used :) (if you choose save all LS, u will get reward bunchs of Adams from Tenebaum). My advice for last boss: upgrade and equip Plasmids which help you against elementals: ice, fire, lightning. Very fun when burning him and watch him run into water, equip electric plasmid and show him who 's real boss :)
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Finished my first game for 2012
March 11 F.E.A.R 3 (Pointman on Commando mode). Took quite a while (long game - better value than COD series IMHO).Varied levels. Ending is...hmmmm..Quite liked it. Now to play through on hard hard and as Fettel hehee.
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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

Finally beat it after playing it on and off for 10 years.

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Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone

I actually enjoyed this game. It's not a particularly good one, but not a particularly bad one either. And it was short enough to not overstay its welcome.
Are we meant to edit old posts or add new ones? :P

Just came off a Mass Effect 2 (Every. Single. Bloody. Mission. +. DLC) prep playthrough for Mass Effect 3.

Also just finished that - what a fun week I've had... need something a little lighter now... >_>
Just have finished Shank. It was a good :D
1.The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina Of Time 3d-3ds 19/2/12
2.Star Fox 64 3d-3ds 21/2/12
3.Ace Attorney-Justice For All-Wii-2/3/12
4.No More Heroes 2-Desperate Struggle-Wii-3/3/12
5.Punch Out-Wii-3/3/12
6.Metal Gear Solid 2-Sons Of Liberty-PS3-11/3/12

replaying it through the hd collection, hasn't aged too friendly in my opinion and the plot is silly bonkers apeshit, but i do like it
Finished the main story and all the paradox endings for Final Fantasy XIII-2. An excellent game, in my opinion. I loved it from start to finish.