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Gemcraft: Labirynt

Starcraft 2

Warcraft III
TheEnigmaticT: Darksiders. First game I've actually finished in years. I think the last new game I finished was Fallout 3, a few weeks after release.
lukaszthegreat: I think you are the first Blue who posted in those threads over the years
Completely out of the blue eh :D
And another one.

Just finished MDK. :)

Man, I had completely forgotten how trippy that ending clip was. O_o
New completed ones for me:
Puzzle Agent 2, Escape Goat and Battlefield 3 (SP). SP being single player campaign of course.
grynn: Completely out of the blue eh :D
I see what you did there. >.>
I just finished Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Finally took the time to play it, and it's a great game. A must play if you like horror.
Plants vs Zombies

Completed the main campaign on it, still tons of side and bonus stuff so I'll be playing it for hours yet but I guess it counts as completed.
Last months completed games

Darkness 2 - I really enjoyed good gameplay, though was a lot shorter than I was hoping it to be.
Marvel Super Hero Comic Squad - I really enjoyed it and it played well on the Udraw, Shame nobody bought it.
Cars 2: Boring, repetitive and nowhere near as good as the 1st game.

Dynamite Cop - Both characters fun game though doesnt last for very long, voice acting is absolutely terrible
Spiderman - Didnt like it, too short the camera angles are horrible and voice acting also really bad, hasnt aged well

Have another week off at the end of the month so am going to try and grind out another 4/5 games
Finished Cave Story + yesterday and liked it. However I didn't like the monsters respawning when I enter a house and go back to the zone and the final boss fights were horrible. I had to cheat to finish it.
I just finished a game that I started last year, but for some strange reason never finished. Namely Company of heroes. I got to mission 12 before dropping it, but now I finished the main campaign. The main campaign was good, but the game is really at its best when you play 2v2 with friends (and have skype or similar voice com on and say bad things about each other while playing ;) )
Super Mario 3D Land
Mario Kart 7
Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
Suikoden II
Been a while (stupid RPGs...)

Two beats today, actually:
The Secret of Grisly Manor for the iPhone and
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels
Like a lot of people here, I've just gone through Portal - its a very fun game that forces you to think about you usual FPS style environments in an interesting new way
I must be a very slow player though - Steam says I've spent 7 hours on it when most people are saying they get through it in 2 or 3!
I may have a go at the advanced maps, the challenge ones sound rubbish though!
Have just finished Jamestown.
It's a very good retro old school shooter. I have some achievements to beat but I have completed the story mode and the Gauntlet.
Finished the original Fallout and Breath of Death 7.

Also wrapped up the platinum trophy for FF13.