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I just finished Gothic one more time :) My favorite game of all time
Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

Started off alright, then got a little repetative which is impressive for a game that couldn't have been longer then 4-5 hours long. Luckily the multiplayer is pretty fun.
Just finished Alpha Protocol. Again. Must be the fourth or fifth time. I love that game way too much.

Not good, not bad, just average to mediocre.
Medal of Honor. That was a fun campaign!
Garshasp: The Monster Slayer

Indie tribute to God of War. Quite an achievement in presentation for an independent developer, but rough around pretty much every edge, and extremely short.
Going through both Mega Man Anniversary collections again.

Finished Mega Man and Mega Man 2 today.
Also recently finished my second playthrough of Vampire Bloodlines. I was a Tremere.
I've done a fair few recently

Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Dragon Age
Dragon Age 2
Portal 2
Operation Flashpoint Red River
Uncharted 2
I didn't mention I finished Crysis 2. I thought it was really, really good. I was kinda griping about the fact Alcatraz was another Gordon Freeman style mute hero but about half-way through you find out why he's mute and you feel sorry for the poor bastard.

Lots of great set-pieces and ignore the hate it is a very pretty game.
Well, it's been a while, but a finally finished a full campaign on Red Baron, from early war to it's end. I was playing Outcast, but some crashes annoyed me and I stopped for a while, then my joystick (Logitech Attack 3) arrived and I had to fly something.

I wasn't really something special, but I'll leave that for when I play Red Baron 3D. For now, I think I'll be back to Outcast.

Games finished so far:
World of Goo, Samorost 1 and 2, Gish, Arcanum: of Steamworks & Magick Obscura, Tron 2.0, Beneath a Steel Sky, Lugaru HD, Enclave, Chrome: Specforce, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Red Baron.
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Ahh yes, as delixe reminded me:

Crysis 2
Gothic 4 Arcania.
Enjoyable, but not as good as Gothic 3 ( despite its bugs). A game with a good few hours gameplay ( 25-30). Completed on Xbox 360.

Two Worlds 2.
A massive improvement over TW1 ( which I enjoyed as well), a huge game, lots of excellent voice acting, deep side quests, and a long game to boot. Do ALL the side quests and you are easily looking at 40-50 hours. Completed on Xbox 360

Crysis 2
Amazingly good looking game, plays like a dream, a long campaign and a really fun story.
Completed on Xbox 360.

Now taking the plunge with Mass Effect second attempt !
Just finish Medal of Honor : Allied Assault
Finish this game like 5 times. But the last one was like 5 years ago. Nice memories where coming back !!

So far this Year...

-Super Mario Bros III - VC
-Super Mario World - VC
-Super Mario Land II - GB
-Super Mario 64 - VC
-Age of Wonders - PC
-Super Mario Sunshine - GC
-New Super Mario Bros - DS
-Medal of Honor : Allied Assault - PC
Adding Trine to the list. I'm not a fan of platformers but I really enjoyed it. Played 30-60 min a day just to relax. It was good.

1.Heavy Rain
2.God of War 2 (1 bugged out)
3.Dragon Age
5.Rainbow Six: Las Vegas 2
6.Dragon Age 2
8. Digital: A Love Story
9. Don't Take it Personally, Babe, It Just Ain't Your Story
10. Trine
Recently Finished Gothic, Quake and Morrowind. All excelant =]

Currently plugging away at AC:B, should keep me goint till TW2