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Just now I logged in my Gamersgate account to download some games (which are either not present yet on GOG or I just haven't bought them here yet), like Space Empires 5 and AIWar Collection - and what do I see? The 'download" link is disappeared and the "Steam-key" button appeared. For Space Empires? Don't make me laugh, Steam-sh*tasses! Is it "just for convenience to download fresh patches" or what? Are you complete idiots? Where are my DRM-free copies which I had bought? I didn't buy Steam-keys! Where are them?
Is it normal to treat customers like that?
I had this issue the other week. Tried to redownload Gray Matter, and it was replaced by a steam key without warning. I do use steam, so have managed to make use of it, but its a little unsettling. As a result I'm downloading everything I have on there.
Same here with these titles:

Gray Matter
Shattered Haven
The Inner World

Will be curious to hear why this happened, and how it can be at all legal.
good to know, thanks for the heads up. +1
Oh swell, more shenanigans. :/

*goes to check GG account *

EDIT: Doesn't seem to have affected me, but then again I have very few and mostly old(er) games there. What I did notice though is that I have now quite a number of Free-to-Play MMOs which I'm more than 100% certain that I did not add myself. ?_?

* makes note to download everything before the day's done, just to be on the safe side *
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Yeah, just checked my GG account and M&B Warband now has a Steam key.
If it's not some sort of bug or something, then the only thing that I can think of is that those games stopped being DRM-free and that from now on they require Steamworks.

For example if you check the Gray Matter game, it used to say DRM-free, now it says Steamworks.
LOL thought this was going to be another 'GamerGate' SJWs vs. MRAs vs. Gamers Vs. crazy chicks with blue hair thread for a sec then!
I hate it when stores pull shit like this...
Whenever I hear about GamersGate it's almost always someone saying "WTF GG?".
ChrisSD: Whenever I hear about GamersGate it's almost always someone saying "WTF GG?".
GG wasn't bad at first. Then they went full Steam ahead...
Thanks for the heads-up. I'm going to download the games I have there, just in case.
Reminds me I also need to dump all this stuff to my drive ASAP :(
I'm glad I saved everything from GG a while ago (Recettear, Ether Vapor, Cities in Motion, etc.), I've taken the habit since the "out of beta" stunt from GOG :) I guess if they're now 100% steam re-seller, there is no need to go there anymore...
Well, they've lost my future patronage now. I'll make sure I have downloads of everything I want from there and then I'm done with them. Guess I'll give the converted keys away, as a sign of my gratitude to them.

Thankfully I have the so-far affected titles on GOG too.