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Enter for a chance to receive a bundle of 66 indie games!

With today's addition of FEZ the number of indie games in catalog amounts to 66. It's a nice sounding number (about 2/3rds of 100!), so we thought celebration is in order. What better way is there to celebrate games, than by giving away free games? (Here's a hint: there is no better way.) So, for the next 6 days everyone gets the chance to enter our sweepstakes--and the prizes are truly sweet. One lucky person will receive an enormous bundle of all the 66 indie games from our catalog. Eleven more people will be awarded 6 indie games of their choice each. Here's how you enter:

Do you see the entry form below? All you need to do is provide us with your valid email address. That's it, you're in! You get exactly one entry in the sweepstakes. Optionally, you can make your chances better by doing two things for us: you can tweet about our sweepstakes for an extra entry (there's a Twitter field already filled out for you--if you don't want to tweet, make sure it's blank before submitting your entry), and notify your Facebook friends (a pop-up will pop-up upon completing the form). You'll be awarded an extra entry for every friend that enters from your referral. All this social-sharing is purely optional, of course.

Note: the sweepstakes entry is now closed. Winners will be contacted soon.
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Interesting. Let's see how's my luck.
I entered my email adress and then it forwarded me to facebook. Is the form broken or am I too stupid to follow three steps?
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So when you click the enter button and the facebook login pops up... does that mean you can't enter without logging in to facebook or if you press cancel do you still get your email address entry?

EDIT: If you are HiPhish, so am I!
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So, what happens if one doesn't have a twitter or facebook account?
Same here. I don't have Face Book or Twitter, how can I tell if I've actually been entered or not?
I'll be the one who says it. I get why you'd do this, Fez is a pretty big deal, but it'd be funnier if you had a 69 indie sweepstakes.
Stevedog13: Same here. I don't have Face Book or Twitter, how can I tell if I've actually been entered or not?
Also this
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high rated
Great, more social media garbage.
Same as those above. Only the "Additional" forms of entry are working. No way for me to enter without facebook log in.
No twitter or facebook and such, also don't think I want something following me around:)

But am sure its a good idea.
Let me check. We're trying something new with a social media contest provider called WooBox; it should work with just the email.
As others said, enter e-mail, click button, get a popup asking for an app to access my friends list, and I don't authorize Fb apps for anything as a rule, so hit cancel, then nothing else happens.
I think something wrong with the code, programming etc. it still ask for facebook login even if you decide to leave the tweet blank.

However, i won't jump into the anti-social networking brigade. It's not my thing, and i don't use any. But i'm sure it benefits lot of people out there.
JMich: Interesting. Let's see how's my luck.
How many won last time they had a big giveaway , who were actually gog members/customers?
Cavalary: then nothing else happens.
Wait and see. Your inbox may already contain tips on how to enlarge your RAM processor.