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Enter for a chance to receive a bundle of 66 indie games!

With today's addition of FEZ the number of indie games in catalog amounts to 66. It's a nice sounding number (about 2/3rds of 100!), so we thought celebration is in order. What better way is there to celebrate games, than by giving away free games? (Here's a hint: there is no better way.) So, for the next 6 days everyone gets the chance to enter our sweepstakes--and the prizes are truly sweet. One lucky person will receive an enormous bundle of all the 66 indie games from our catalog. Eleven more people will be awarded 6 indie games of their choice each. Here's how you enter:

Do you see the entry form below? All you need to do is provide us with your valid email address. That's it, you're in! You get exactly one entry in the sweepstakes. Optionally, you can make your chances better by doing two things for us: you can tweet about our sweepstakes for an extra entry (there's a Twitter field already filled out for you--if you don't want to tweet, make sure it's blank before submitting your entry), and notify your Facebook friends (a pop-up will pop-up upon completing the form). You'll be awarded an extra entry for every friend that enters from your referral. All this social-sharing is purely optional, of course.

Note: the sweepstakes entry is now closed. Winners will be contacted soon.
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Leroux: Supporting a company out of your free will (like you do in your example) isn't, but the company making it a condition for you to get something good in return is a bit different. You may not even like the company but "support" it only because they promised you something shiny. I don't know if that's immoral, it's regular business, but I still consider it kind of shady myself, or in any case not sympathethical. And isn't this a bit like offering money to your loving partner and ask them to give you a good time? ;)
hucklebarry: I think you are over thinking the issue. Try it from another point of view. If you like GOG and would support them on your own free will, here is an opportunity they have for you and they would also like to make it worth your while.

What I find to be rather silly are the companies that sell their logos on t-shirts, mugs, etc. YOU pay THEM to advertise for THEM. :/ This is an attempt to flip that crazy setup in favor of the fans. If you want to advertise for us... let us do something for you.
You called it! :D
Neonivek: It would be one thing if this was just a really great contest and the result was GoG got advertisement as the community paid nothing and GoG got something. This is, however, GoG making you do their advertisement for the ability to win a prize. The community in this case is actually paying a real price, they just don't know it.
Randalator: Uh, you do realise that the advertising and resulting new customers will help GOG grow and that a more successful GOG will have more weight to throw around when it comes to signing new games/publishers, right? That is an advantage for every single community member, even those who didn't participate.
It has been mentioned a number of times however, that contests for existing GOG members improves customer loyalty for the existing customer base (we do have a pretty strong community) - its not all about growing and getting new customers all the time - some companies have never learned this fact. I think it was also mentioned early in this thread powers that be are looking at stuff for existing community as it stands.So im cool with that :)
Neonivek: Because GoG would LOVE a million accounts entering this contest. That is a million accounts worth of advertising.
BlueMooner: Not if all those accts go to one person, who will abandon them all the instant the contest is over.
Even if those accounts go to one person, even if they abandon them.

It is a million different pages of someone telling people how great GoG is.
Hi! We have now reached out to all the winners asking them to contact us. If you were participating, make sure to check your inbox for the address with which you've entered. It might be a good idea to check your spam folder as well.

We need to hear from you within a week or so, just to make sure the addresses that were drawn belong to actual people. After that, we'll have to draw some extra entries and redistribute the unclaimed prizes.

On a side note: just as some of you, we're not entirely happy about the way the sweepstakes platform we've chosen to hold this giveaway handles some things, and we will be reevaluating its future use.
Bah! Humbug! But at least my email hasn't been spam bombed yet.
NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo, I got nothing :(
morciu: NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo, I got nothing :(
Neither did I, but we all still have smiles.
:-) (-: :-) (-: