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Mrstarker: There has been no actual censorship here. What happened was that a review got flagged by a moderator, because is received a suspiciously high amount of upvotes (enough to make it the top review) in a short time after the user had bragged about how easy it is to make a ton of alt accounts and said that "it's on now".
MaximumBunny: The plot thickens! o_O

But it looks like a company attacking the little guy again and people are going to jump all over that. Not that treating someone you dislike meanly is going to help your cause though. People are just weird and always looking for fights. -__-
Kind of reminds me of that time that a developer accused me of slandering them, and then proceeded to try and hand wave the assertion away that they were compensating people to send unsolicited commercial emails because they don't spam.

Sometimes it's best for developers to just keep their mouths shut realizing that if a post hasn't been commented on in a while it will eventually more or less fall out of the rankings and be buried under newer posts. Also, it's best to consider whether or not there's any truth to the assertion. Using tautological arguments over how you didn't do something because you don't do that thing is unlikely to impress anybody.
gbaz69: All I know is, that reviewer is in their right, specially if they were censored/banned from the forums for asking for an explaination or apology.

It is clear the game has many bugs, and it is clear they left EA to 'completed' game only for the x-mas sale.
I would consider this proof something unscrupulous.

They person, .... creating more drama by saying "i'm being harassed" is also in the wrong.
When you censor stuff in your own forum, then you have zero right to cry/complain that person turns around and makes a post in a different forum.

Censorship is one of the worse things in the world, and it will only continue to get worse and worse....
why the hell does our government focus on copyright crap, when we should be focusing on food/energy/housing/job/health/etc. related problems.

However, judging by steams view point, that being: "we don't care what people release on our platform (read between the lines: because it makes us more money)", nothing is going to be done about it.
ZERO quality control on steams part. Like selling raw chicken to customers, or soup with 'there is a fly in my soup' bug joke :P
Hear hear! +1