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Birthday Bullfrog Bonus Bonanza! 5th birthday celebration continues and we have some more gifts for you! This time, it's a nice pack of add-ons to the classic Bullfrog Productions titles in our EA catalog. There's plenty of previously not included content being added as you read this to five prominent Bullfrog games. If you bought them them previously, the updated versions will become available to you shortly. If you don't yet have those memorable classics in your collection, now you have some extra incentive to get them. Let's see what games get the Level-up treatment today, shall we?

Syndicate receives the American Revolt mission pack taking the future corporate executive work to a whole new level of awesome, thus becoming Syndicate Plus. Similarly, the fantasy underworld management game, Dungeon Keeper, becomes Dungeon Keeper Gold, with extra added evil in the form of the Deeper Dungeons expansion. Hidden Worlds have been discovered in the Arabian desert, making Magic Carpet into Magic Carpet Plus. now invites you to the <i>Promised Lands</i> filled with new challenges, and [url=]Populous: The Beginning has yet some Undiscovered Worlds in store for you.

That's it! Five excellent, content-filled expansions await you in our classic Bullfrog titles. Again, if you bought any of these titles previously, you should now have access to the newly extended version without any additional fee. Have fun!
Fantastic news - thousand thanks to GOG.COM ! :)
Great news - well done, GOG! Everyone loves upgrades - especially free ones :-) One question... Does the upgrade to Dungeon Keeper Gold mean Dungeon Keeper 1 is now the 640x480 Win95 version, or is it still the 320x240 DOS version?
Press ALT+R (in most bullfrog games) and you will have a little higher resolution.
You done good, gog, you done good.
The expansions are GREAT additions and about time already. These games shouldn't have come without their expansions to begin with.
While not an expansion pack, we REALLY need to see Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear on here!
ghostgate2001: One question... Does the upgrade to Dungeon Keeper Gold mean Dungeon Keeper 1 is now the 640x480 Win95 version, or is it still the 320x240 DOS version?
It's still DOS (because the Win95 version would have various problems running on these machines), but as Mappi75 said, "Press ALT+R ... and you will have a little higher resolution." So you should be able to get 640 x 480 in DOS.
Fuckin' A, GOG! Thanks!
Anyone tried the updated Populous, Promised Lands? Only so far I've yet to see any of the new graphics sets. All I seem to get is grassy plains and desert, even using level skip codes to jump ahead to worlds which I believe are supposed to use one of the new graphics sets.

Am I doing something wrong?
WOOO! Dungeon Keeper Gold! WOOO! Thanks GOG!
Oh, that's quite a lot of content! Very good.
You're amazing, guys! Just when something starts to look impossible - BAM! - you get it done anyway.
Simply fantastic!!
Good job, GOG team. I knew you would get to it eventually! :)