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Birthday Bullfrog Bonus Bonanza! 5th birthday celebration continues and we have some more gifts for you! This time, it's a nice pack of add-ons to the classic Bullfrog Productions titles in our EA catalog. There's plenty of previously not included content being added as you read this to five prominent Bullfrog games. If you bought them them previously, the updated versions will become available to you shortly. If you don't yet have those memorable classics in your collection, now you have some extra incentive to get them. Let's see what games get the Level-up treatment today, shall we?

Syndicate receives the American Revolt mission pack taking the future corporate executive work to a whole new level of awesome, thus becoming Syndicate Plus. Similarly, the fantasy underworld management game, Dungeon Keeper, becomes Dungeon Keeper Gold, with extra added evil in the form of the Deeper Dungeons expansion. Hidden Worlds have been discovered in the Arabian desert, making Magic Carpet into Magic Carpet Plus. now invites you to the <i>Promised Lands</i> filled with new challenges, and [url=]Populous: The Beginning has yet some Undiscovered Worlds in store for you.

That's it! Five excellent, content-filled expansions await you in our classic Bullfrog titles. Again, if you bought any of these titles previously, you should now have access to the newly extended version without any additional fee. Have fun!
YES! The Bullfrog expansions are finally here! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Good to see the Deeper Dungeons, but is it the Windows version now (optionally) or still the DosBOX-emulated DOS version?
This is AWESOME!!!
Now all we need is the Wing Commander Prophecy expansion :p

...and Wing Commander Prophecy ;)
high rated
gogskel: Good to see the Deeper Dungeons, but is it the Windows version now (optionally) or still the DosBOX-emulated DOS version?
DOS version so technically it's not Dungeon Keeper Gold (it was Windows exclusive) but Dungeon Keeper + Deeper Dungeons. I believe it would be hard to run Windows version on anything newer than XP (I tried years ago with Win 7 and it was crashing all the time)
gogskel: Good to see the Deeper Dungeons, but is it the Windows version now (optionally) or still the DosBOX-emulated DOS version?
Tested and confirmed as being the DOS version as mentioned on page1 or 2 of the replies :-)
Thanks for the info on DK, guys. I'll bookmark it for a later time.

Thanks, GOG, for adding these expacks!
ohhh, ohhh. Conspiracy time.

Review of the material:

1- EA has stated for a long time that the holdup was not on their end
2- The games have been sold here for a long time
3- GoG have a 5 year anniversary
4- 5 long waited expansions get released in one go.

It was a faked footage by the Sasquatch behind the grass knoll.... with Elvis and Amelia Earhart

Other than that, I guess a couple of my games got bigger, which is always nice :)
Hell yeah, your rule, GOG!

Especially after seeing how many new games got released these days!! Keep it up, GOG!
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makr3la: Hey! Thanks GOG/EA, great work!

PROTIP: Dungeon Keeper is now multilingual! (English, Dutch, French, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, German (text only) and Italian (text only). All you have to do is go to "Start Menu\Programs\\Dungeon Keeper Gold\Settings" and choose your language :-)

/e: Just bolded for more attention.
That's awesome news. I try not to game in English when I have the option.

Excellent update in general.
Very nice.

Now, how about releasing Powermonger
Excellent News!!!
Omfg, Deeper Dungeons and Undiscovered Worlds update would be enough reason to repurchase!!! If only I didn't buy this already that is :) Much needed and long awaited. And there is even more. Love you gog. Now go get more EA games here, will ya?
This is awesome :) I have to say I did not expect this to happen, but I am very glad that it did. Time to play some more Syndicate :)