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Birthday Bullfrog Bonus Bonanza! 5th birthday celebration continues and we have some more gifts for you! This time, it's a nice pack of add-ons to the classic Bullfrog Productions titles in our EA catalog. There's plenty of previously not included content being added as you read this to five prominent Bullfrog games. If you bought them them previously, the updated versions will become available to you shortly. If you don't yet have those memorable classics in your collection, now you have some extra incentive to get them. Let's see what games get the Level-up treatment today, shall we?

Syndicate receives the American Revolt mission pack taking the future corporate executive work to a whole new level of awesome, thus becoming Syndicate Plus. Similarly, the fantasy underworld management game, Dungeon Keeper, becomes Dungeon Keeper Gold, with extra added evil in the form of the Deeper Dungeons expansion. Hidden Worlds have been discovered in the Arabian desert, making Magic Carpet into Magic Carpet Plus. now invites you to the <i>Promised Lands</i> filled with new challenges, and [url=]Populous: The Beginning has yet some Undiscovered Worlds in store for you.

That's it! Five excellent, content-filled expansions await you in our classic Bullfrog titles. Again, if you bought any of these titles previously, you should now have access to the newly extended version without any additional fee. Have fun!
Crosmando: Dunno about this new version, but to get Populous 3 working on my computer I had to put a video DLL file in the install folder (due to me having an ATI card), otherwise the game wouldn't even start
Yeah. I use a GTX 580 so that fix doesn't apply to me. The Direct3D version crashes upon launch, no matter the compatibility settings. The software renderer runs at about 15 FPS. Various third party programs such as Reincarnated don't make any difference.

Shame, I grew up with that game.
damien: so Populous is still missing an expansion?
Afaik their was no DOS version, only Amiga/Atari ST.
high rated
Hey! Thanks GOG/EA, great work!

PROTIP: Dungeon Keeper is now multilingual! (English, Dutch, French, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, German (text only) and Italian (text only). All you have to do is go to "Start Menu\Programs\\Dungeon Keeper Gold\Settings" and choose your language :-)

/e: Just bolded for more attention.
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So much joy over both Populous and Dungeon Keeper expansions. I also now have the chance to play American Revolt.
I had to check, but apparently I have bought all those expanded EA games already from GOG, even though I've promised myself to mostly avoid buying GOG games which have important expansion packs missing. I had the retail versions with expansion packs already for Syndicate, Magic Carpet and Dungeon Keeper. Nice to know now that my GOG digital versions are not inferior anymore.

Maybe the most important of these expansions for me was that for Populous:The Beginning. That I was hoping to see the most.

I haven't bought Rainbow Six nor Ghost Recon yet from GOG, wink wink, nudge nudge. My retail versions include at least some of the missing expansion packs.
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damien: so Populous is still missing an expansion?
Sadly, this expansion was exclusive to the Amiga version of the game and wouldn't do us any good here.
damien: so Populous is still missing an expansion?
Crosmando: Afaik their was no DOS version, only Amiga/Atari ST.
Yeah, I am 5 for 5, kinda like the number of years GoG has been setting our nostalgia on overdrive!

Off to the dungeons.
Took ya long enough ;)
Most of those are OK addons, but I seem to remember the Magic Carpet Plus also having a later and more stable version.
If I wasn't mistaken, has that also been updated/included?
wow well done GOG well done! must go investigate these as the names ring a bell!
Dang, I thought only American Revolt was coming this week. This is just friggin' awesome!

I was especially looking up to Magic Carpet Plus as that's the only one of these expansions I haven't played yet at all.
Sweet :)

Time to get Theme Park!!!

The best bullfrog game. And the best theme park game ever!
Yay ! :D