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Hello fellow GOG-ers !

As promised here , in honor of this week's Witcher theme and Skystrider's uber-awesome contest, I will host a giveaway of 3x Witcher 1 games.

I will run this as a simple post and random pick contest. Just post in this thread announcing you're entering the contest and I will randomly pick 3 people 24h from now .. that's going to be 9PM CET tomorrow.

Good luck to you all!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please only participate if you do not already own the game, even on disk since the main goal is to gift this first installment of a magnificent saga to people that did not have the chance to own it ever. But if you have it on disk and you feel you really have to also own it on GOG .. and you also feel lucky ... fine .. go for it :P

UPDATE: Just a list of people entered up until now, in order of entrance. I`ll try to keep this up to date on a regular basis until tomorrow.

1. liquidsnakehpkss
2. ilves
3. Rodzaju
4. Dragobr
5. Pheace
6. CowboyBebop
7. Tulivu
8. JMich
9. Leroux
10. kjx
12. silentperfection
13. ovoon
14. rewsan
15. Typhoon45
16. kkaden
17. procyon
18. Sulibor
19. swizzle66
20. stellathestud10
21. Calibrus
22. Shiek2005
23. strixo
24. reaver894
25. rasufelle
26. wlmiv
27. PWFredricksonIII
28. Immoli
29. M10M
30. 8BitGinno
31. Batabusa
32. Cuteguy
33. Hesusio
34. StonerMk2
35. Luisfius
36. AdiJager
37. park_84
38. ymmwtkm
39. drinnen
40. Gilou
41. Willofield
42. Yumi
43. gleichklang
44. deshadow52
45. olgar
46. otaku4225

Winners selected:

1. kjx (game gifted)
2. rasufelle (game gifted)
3. ilves (game gifted)

Thanks you all for for participating and even if you did not win it now .. you can either try Thiev's future contest here or just get the game now while still on promo, because it is really worth it!
Post edited May 14, 2011 by icepowdah
haha nice im in
Count me in :), I've played it but no longer own a copy
I'm up for it.
I'm in!

Thank you for the opportunity!
I'm in as well.

Triple thanks :)
I'm in. I don't own a copy of the witcher 1. Thanks.
Post edited May 14, 2011 by CowboyBebop
I'm in!
I'm in as well, considered buying it but no time to play atm.
P.S. Thank you for the contest as well
Never owned it, never played it, so why not? I'm in. And thanks for the opportunity! :)
Yup, I'm in!
I'm in, I've been wanting to try it (:
Count me in. Have yet to experience it!
Im in!
count me in