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I have a promo code for a $9.99 or less GOG game. I'd like to trade it for 2 $4.99 games from the current promo (Fallout Tactics and Sacrifice).

Since this isn't much of a trade because it's a one for one trade, I could also throw in a code or two from the Indiegala Magicka or Flash bundle to sweeten the deal.
Did you miss the D&D Dynamo promo? Well, here it is again (sans Demon Stone & Dragonshard) for roughly the same price:


------>Dungeons &amp; Dragons Anthology: The Master Collection<------

------>Dungeons &amp; Dragons Neverwinter Nights Complete<------


Catacombs Pack

Clive Barker&rsquo;s Undying

Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor

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The Ship Complete (Steam gift)
Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor (Steam key)
Red Orchestra 2 GOTY (Steam key)

ORION: Dino Beatdown

Latest trades : PandaLiang, gameon, klaattu, Heretic777.
Zorder: Looking for someone to split this deal . I'm interested in Omerta only, so if anyone is looking for any other game on that sale we can do $5/$5. Two games is about $10 so I think it's fair.
Unfortunately what you may find is most will be getting it for Omerta. I know i am.

Retro City Rampage GOG
Darksiders 2
Red faction 3 and Armageddon
Bunch of Indie steam keys


Fallout 2 that's on sale right now.
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Updated my wish list
Yeah. Hopefully this boosts up peoples opinion on Omerta since there was alot of bad press coverage about it. Maybe even some good feedback that will encourage the devs to continue to support the game or make a sequel. Anyways, I might have found someone to split that deal up.
-snip- Seems like I'll just stick with what I got. Thanks for the replies though.
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-- nvm --
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Would anyone be interested in trading a GOG key for Super Hornet from the current promo for a Steam key for Bastion? Please PM me if interested.

Have: Bastion (Steam)

Want: Super Hornet (GOG)
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anthem03: Might be odd but I want Far Cry 3 on steam because I'd like all my games backed up at 2 places.. GoG and Steam. Not uPlay.

Far Cry 3 Insane Edition (uPlay)

Far Cry 3 Insane Edition (Steam)

Lowest rep goes first. Will keep it up until tomorrow sometime before I start playing.

Thanks for looking.
Steam version of FC3 just launches UPlay, so you have to run 2 clients at the same time to play it lol. Actually the version you have it better imho.
Anyone have a spare key for Spacechem from IndieGameStand? Just tell me how much Paypal you want for it.
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