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Old post.
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EDIT:I will give away these games instead of trading :)
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Cavalieroscuro: [H]
Crayon Physics Deluxe Steam Key
Eufloria Steam Key
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Steam Key

GAAAH Stop teasing me with that eufloria key!!!
Anyone has unused gift url's of these Indie Royale bundles? I can offer Steam, GOG and GamersGate games of your choice, or pay through paypal.

- Back to School
- Getaway
- Gone Fishin'
- July Jubilee
- Summer
- Junebug
- All Charity
- Spring
- April Fools
- May Hurrah
- Ninja
- Alpha Collection #1
- Serious Sam indie series

Also have these,

- Gift URL of Indie Gala X FULL
- Gift URL of Indie Gala 9 FULL
- DC Universe Online Legendary Membership code (NA only)
- SpaceChem (Steam)
- New Star Soccer 5 (Steam)
- Frozen Synapse + Trauma (Steam)
- Dungeons of Dredmor (Steam)
- DOTA 2 (Steam)
- Cortex Command (Steam)
- To The Moon (Steam)
- Oil Rush (Steam)
- Flatout (Steam)
- Humble Indie Bundle 3
- GTA San Andreas (GamersGate)
- King's Bounty Games (GamersGate)
- Legendary (GamersGate)
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I have a Zeit 2 steam key from the free ubi promo a couple of days ago.

Looking for Pineapple smash crew steam key or Out There Somewhere desura key.
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Current Haves:

- Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box (Origin Product Code)
- AI War complete (Mac version/GG)
- Settlers 7 Gold Edition (GG)

Want: (Interest)

- From GG : Disciples : Reincarnation

- Will consider any and all offers from GOG, GG, Origin or Steam

As usual I will send first to those users older or with higher rep than myself. Thank you.

Completed Trades : Heretic777 (5 steam for 5 GG/Steam games)(3 trades now), Shure (BF3 for multiple games), danteveli (1 for 1), Alfie3000 (10 for $10), lan (Very greatful, i always get a little OCD when i am missing a game from a series), and now iainmet (1 for 1). Thank you all immensely..
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misfire200: snip
Post to verify that it's really me.
Open to offers from the current promos. Thanks!
Post edited November 09, 2012 by ne_zavarj
JMich Trade Completed, will confirm him as trusty.
QC: Thank you for your time.
Trade completed succesfully, no problems on either end.
Typical, a big Telltale sale the week before I get paid :(

I have Q.U.B.E and Commandos Collection in my steam inventory if anyone is interested in one for either Back to The Future or Tales of Monkey Island.

Will gladly go first if you have good Rep and past trading history.
Thanks to Heretic777!!! Twice now=P Excellent trader.

Again...much appreciated.
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