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I updated my list a bit. Still two games on sale that I'm interested in.
Surprised not many people want my FTL. What gives? lol

Broken Sword (Steam)
Broken Sword 3 (Steam)
Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble! (Steam)
FTL: Faster Than Light (GOG)
Majesty 2 (Steam)
Sequence (Steam)
The Ship 4-pack (Steam)

2 for 1 (3 for 1 depending on game) on everything except FTL (1 for 2)

Little Big Adventure 1 and/or 2
Wing Commander 1+2
Ultima Underworld 1+2
Populous 2
Dungeon Keeper 1+2
Crusader: No Remorse
Ultima 4+5+6
keys from bundles
Killing Floor DLC (STEAM)
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ROA 1+2 code

Interplay 8 game pack code


for ROA1+2, one $2.40 EA promo game

for the interplay pack, two EA promo games worth $4.80
Have Gamersgate A.I.M 2, Men of War, Men of War Red tide, Space Rangers, Black market, Star wolves, Zombie shooter

want Syndicate

Crusader no regret

I would trade all for 1
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Reposting for the Weekend

3 offers to trade

Offer 1: A HiB 6 BTA key which contains Wizorb, BIT.TRIP.RUNNER, Gratuitous Space Battles, and Jamestown.
I am willing to trade it for Wizorb, since I already have the rest of the games from previous bundles.

Offer 2: A Civilization V steam gift, from a Russian XCOM:EU pre-order. Game may be region locked, but I'm not sure about it. Willing to trade it for ~$10 worth of gogs.

Offer 3: Trade completed with Aningan
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Anybody want my Realm of Arkania 1+2 GOG gift code in exchange of Lands of Lore 3 ?

PM me if interested. Note that I already traded in the past with several people here, I can provide names if asked.
Theta_Sigma: Have:
Civilization V (steam trade)

Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition (steam)
Gobliiins Pack, Pid, and Incredipede (gog) (with the sale it's 24.97, and Civ5 is 29.99, if that is any matter)

Previous successful trades:
Hawk52 (I think), and nmillar (for certain). :)
Im making this post so you can review my reputation and GOG join date.
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I have a code for Fallout 1. Does anyone want gift me a code for Wing Commander privateer for Fallout 1? It's on sale this weekend.

PM me. Thanks!
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For any gift code from Interplay Promo that contains, at least, following 3 games:

Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader
Fallout Tactics
Freespace 2

I will give you any 6$ GOG game or two 3$ games or 3 games from current EA Promo, that you choose.

Thank you!

Naturally, I will give you codes first, if you have higher Rep than me and joined before Oct 2012.
klaattu: I use paysafecard for buying games online but it cannot be used here in GOG. If anyone can help me getting some games from the current EA GOG promo.
I can buy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive($10) for four 2.40 GOG games(9.6$).
PM send !
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Thanks for the trade retsuseiba. :)