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thanks to Christoph89 and Impaler26 for 2 very smooth trades

Updated List
Aveweto: thanks to Christoph89 and Impaler26 for 2 very smooth trades

Updated List
Yep, thank you too! :)

My updated trade list.
**HAVE (Steam keys)**
Supreme Commander
King's Bounty: Armored Princess
King's Bounty: The Legend
Men of War
Men of War: Red Tide

Final Fantasy VII (Steam)

Successfully traded with: Stooner, jcoa, 23rd, skynet464, DarkoD13
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The trade between Fuin and myself was completed without further issues. Thanks Again!
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Thanks to unlit for a very kind gift.
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Thank you very much for the Indie Royale Starmaker ! :-)
Hello. I have a huge list of games (steam games) that i'm looking for. I will either trade you any other bundled games you might want for them or i can give you items up to a certain amount.

Below is a complete list of the games i want:

- Hacker evolution
- Hacker evolution untold
- Sniper ghost warrior 2
- Alien rage
- Disciples III: reincarnation
- deadly 30
- Fearless fantasy
- Muffin knight
- Street racing syndicate
- I am vegend
- Construction machines 2014
- Demolitin master 3D
- Recovery search & rescue
- Mining & tunneling simulator
- Eurofighter typhoon
- Xpand rally
- Septerra core: Legacy of the creater
- Commandos 3
- commandos call of duty
- American conquest: fight back
- Cossacks: art of war
- Cossacks back to war
- Cossacks II: battle for europe
- Rescue
- Gray matter
- Infinite space III
- Gomo
- Zooloretto
- Pickers
- Midnight mysteries Devil on the mississippi
- 7 Wonders ancient alien makeover
- Discovery!
- Midnight mysteries Haunted houdini
- Race: The WTCC game + Expansion
- Race on
- GT legends
- Gateways
- Vitrum
- Mayhem intergalactic
- Steam bandits
- Demolition inc
- Space giraffe
- The undergarden
- jagged alliance 1 gold
- Symphony
- Field runners 2
- 7.62
- Parkar II
- Circuits
- Blood knights
- A new reckoning
- M.U.D TV

PM me if you have any of these games. Currently i only have defender's quest for GoG but i have lots of other bundled games. Just ask me which ones you want and i will tell you if i have them or not.

Divinity II: The Developer's Cut (Steam)
Don't Starve - Reign of Giants DLC (Steam)
Defender's Quest (Steam)


A Story About My Uncle (GOG)
Always Sometimes Monsters (GOG)
Real Myst: Masterpiece Edition (GOG)

There are other games I'm interested in as well, so feel free to PM me with any offers. :)
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Trying something a bit different than the standard bundle fare...

I'm interested in Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes and/or Dominions 4 on Steam.
On GOG, I'm interested in Battle Worlds: Kronos, Banner Saga, Blackguards Special Edition.

In return on Steam I have Sleeping Dogs, Max Payne 3, GTA IV, Inversion, Homefront, Drakensang: The River of Time and a few Warhammer 40k games.

And on GOG I have
M&M bundle (Heroes 1-5, Might and Magic 1-9, Crusaders of M&M, Heroes Chronicles).
Cyberpunk Bundle (All 3 Thief games, Deus Ex GOTY, Deus Ex 2: IW, Anachronox)
Ultima Bundle (Ultima 1-6,8,9 and UU 1+2)
City Builder Bundle (Caesar 3, Lords of the Realm: RE and 3, Lords of Magic, Pharoah+Cleo, Zeus+Poseidon)
DnD Bundle (Baldurs Gate 1+2, PS:T, NWN:DE, IWD 1+2, ToEE, Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone, Dragonshard)
Alpha Centauri
Master of Magic
King of Dragon Pass
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Quite a few new additions to my offer, so I allow myself a spot to post..<span class="bold">Updated</span>
high rated
anther Update
high rated
11 Hour
Al Emmo and the lost Dutchman's Mine
Black Mirror 2
Black Mirror 3
Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle
Disciples III: Reincarnation
Gray Matter
Return to Mysterious Island
Return to Mysterious Island 2

Arx Fatalis

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high rated
— x —

Many thanks for the trade, zaine-h ^_^
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high rated
A Story About My Uncle

I have some older bundle leftovers for trade. I'm willing to trade multiples.
My list