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Bumping my previous offer:
edit: in light of things, nvm. Will post later, don't want to derail the discussion which is on-going.
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...and some weird stuff about a delivery of gogbears in curry sauce too! ;)
Sachys: ...and some weird stuff about a delivery of gogbears in curry sauce too! ;)
How do GOGbears taste? Find out in GOGChef!
Bump while its still on
gifted from the chimp

thank you very much sachys
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Thank you to rong44 for The 11th Hour!
high rated
akhliber: To lighten the mood for a moment, I'd like to give a huge thanks to Momo1991 and alloy627 for being so kind. You've brightened my day. :)
Your very welcome. :) I love to help when i can. *hugs*
adambiser: Thank you to rong44 for The 11th Hour!
You are welcome :)
It looks like I've been tricked out of my bundle keys too. I should know better. Alas, I was too trusting. I will be more vigilant next time.

I hope someday GOG will improve the rep system with game lists etc, as all forum accounts are linked to GOG profiles anyway.
Bumping my list:

Thank you for reading!
akhliber: I just received this message from The_maestro27:
"#1: They wont give you extra keys just because you say they were stolen
#2: You sent them as gifts
#3: Selling humble bundle codes is forbidden (Each purchase is intended for use by one individual.)
#4: There's absolutely no way they'll believe you since you sent them as gifts
#5: Learn from your mistakes (same applies to everybody else ;) )
#6: Happy Easter "

Time for some screenshots and I suppose there's no need to wait on reporting him to GOG and HIB support. How sad.
This is why I will not trade anything on these forums, not as long as we don't have a system for trading, which GOG will never implement.

Steam has a good trading system, use that instead.
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List updated

W: the kyrandia games on promo