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The Whispered World (Steam)
The 39 Steps (Steam)
Dead Hungry Diner (Steam)
Satazius (Steam)
Paranautical Activity (Steam)
Paranormal (Steam & Desura)
Zafehouse: Diaries (Steam & Desura)
8-Bit Commando (Desura)
Constant C (Desura)
Super Panda Adventures (Desura)
Super Tower Rush (Desura)
The Cat Lady (Desura)
Zombies (Desura)
Dawnstar (Desura)
Hacker Evolution Untold (Desura)


GOG Games (Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail, Gangsters: Organized Crime...)
Pandora: Purge of Pride (Desura)
Planet Stronghold (Desura)
Banzai Pecan: Last Hope for the Young Century (Desura)
Tri-Alpha (Desura)
Dustforce (Desura)
Gnomoria (Desura)
Fotonica (Desura)
Metal Dead (Desura)
Snorms (Desura)
Mobiloid (Desura)
Syder Arcade (Desura)
Pitiri 1977 (Desura)
Dungeon Fray (Desura)
MiniFlake (Desura)
Magical Gloves (Desura)
Quick Slick Deadly (Desura)
Saviors (Desura)
Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites (Desura)
Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire (Desura)
Beyond Beyaan (Desura)

Note: I'm only interested in the Desura games in my want list. Please do not offer me any Steam keys or Indie Royale Desura keys. Thank you!

Traded with: Heretic777 (x2), tjc1074, koima57, SpiderFromMars, CyberStroobs, P1na, Physicser, triock, Giltonnam (x2), alexkoti (x2), Momo1991 (x3), Robette, swordtut, benmar, ABH20, dr.schliemann, DarkoD13 (x2), Fifeldor, Crsldmc, coffeecup, IAmSinistar, Suzaku-sama, dizcology, MasterInferno (x2), shadowmirage, ofsaturn & chezybezy.
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adding a few more cards beside 4 awesomenauts cards. around 7 cards for $1 humble bundle.
Hey Hey! Here's an offer! I would really like Rogue Legacy and Raiden Legacy and I'm willing to trade 4 of my extra games for them(excluding the tomb raider collection). That's 2 games for me and 4 games for you! :D Please let me know if you're interested! If not here's the rest of my list if you're wanting something else! Thanks for your time!

What I want:


Papers, Please
Rogue Legacy
Raiden Legacy


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World (and the other DLC)
Serious Sam 3
Killing Floor (also DLC)
Mercenary Kings
A Hat in Time
Among the sleep

What I have to trade:




Dead Space
Crysis Max Edition
Medal of Honor
Mirror's Edge
Burnout Paradise Ultimate box
Amnesia: Dark Descent
Thomas Was Alone
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising
Trine 2: Complete Story
Mark of the Ninja
Eets Munchies
Brütal Legend
FTL: Faster Than Light
System Shock 2
Tomb Raider collection


Dead Space
Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box
Crysis 2 Max Edition
Dead Space 3
Medal of Honor
Mirror's Edge
Sims 3
Battlefield 3
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising
[H] 1 tf2 keys+cards (3-4)
i also have a bunch of steam games if you have a wishlist.

[W] Project Eden ($2.39)
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Looking for these games from active bundles:
- Ravaged - Zombie Apocalypse
- Krater - Collector's Edition
- Shadow Warrior Classic Redux
- Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition
- Velvet Assassin

Here's what I have. Make an offer!
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Dungeons of Dredmor Complete (Steam)
Anachronox (GOG)
Zafehouse Diaries (GOG)
FTL: Faster Than Light (Steam)
Urban Chaos (GOG)
Avadon: The Black Fortress (Steam)
Botanicula (Steam)
Fez (Steam)
Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico (GOG)
Geneforge Sage (Steam)
Trine 2: Complete Story (Steam)
A Valley Without Wind 1+2 (Steam)
Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages (Desura)
Startopia (GOG)
The Second Avernum Trilogy (Steam)

Open to offers
Sword of the Stars: The Pit Mindgames DLC (GOG)
I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream (GOG)
Penny Arcade's on the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness 1, 2, and/or 4
Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusade (GOG)
Nox (GOG)
Rogue Legacy (GOG)

Thanks to Stooner for an efficient and fair trade.
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I have two copies of Total War: ROME II and I want to trade one with the other game on Steam. I am not asking much I can trade it with low value games like Outlast, Spelunky or maybe new Shadow Warrior or the game that you have. My retail box says activation code is only for UK so only UK people can ask me sadly. You can send me PM with your offers.
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Want :
Eador Masters of the Broken World - Steam (looking even for the key that was recently in Groupees bundle)

Have :
Name your price
Did you miss the Humble Origin Bundle? I've still got keys for:
Dead Space (Origin)
Dead Space (Steam)
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (Origin)
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (Steam)
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition (Origin)
Mirror's Edge (Origin)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising (Origin)
Populous (Origin)

I also have one copy of Splinter Cell: Conviction (Uplay) remaining.

All I ask is some Steam Trading Cards in return: you may decide how many you want to give.
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Have GOG:
Master of Magic (gone)
Master of Orion 1+2 (gone)
Outcast (gone)

Have Steam keys:
Hearts of Iron III
Galactic Civilizations I: Ultimate Edition
King Arthur Complete Collection (King Arthur The Role-Playing Wargame + King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame + Dead Legions DLC+ King Arthur: Fallen Champions
Gettysburg: Armored Warfare
Warlock: Master Of The Arcane
A Game Of Dwarves
Defenders of Ardania
Shadowgrounds Survivor
Shank 2
Nuclear Dawn
Edna&Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes
Red Faction Armageddon
Red Faction Armageddon Path to War DLC
Red Orchestra 1 (gone)
Red Orchestra 2 (gone)
Dear Esther
Shank 2

Have Steam gifts:
Just Cause 2
Metro 2033

Have Desura:
Talisman Prologue
Adventure Apes
Kill Fun Yeah
Evil Quest

Have GamersGate:
Guilty Gear Isuka
Gun Metal
Street Racing Syndicate

Have Origin:
Mass Effect 2
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition


Disciples 2 (GOG)
The Longest Journey (not anymore)
Dreamfall The Longest Journey (not anymore)
I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream
Bioshock Infinite (not anymore)
XCOM Enemy Unknown
Deadlight (not anymore)
Dishonored (not anymore)
Rayman Origins
Deus EX
Beyond Good and Evil
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Accatone: snip
Thanks for the smooth and easy trade!