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2x GamersGate gifts of Skulls of the Shogan - Steam redeemable

Want - Steam
Teleglitch - Die More Edition
Cloudberry Kingdom
Shadowrun Returns
Mercenary Kings
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Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale (Steam)

Papers, Please (GOG)

Pretty simple trade, really. You get a $20 game in exchange for a $10 game, nothing to sneeze at by any stretch of the imagination, methinks.

I hate to bump my own post, but I feel like it'll be seen more if it's on the current page.
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Starcraft 2 Account (US)



add my steam if interested

Reason for selling: I dont play starcraft 2 anymore and im not really good at it. Wanted to buy dota 2 items instead lol
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Still interested in Hexen & Wolfenstein
What I have to offer
Anyone interested in a GamersGate gift of Botanicula for MAC ?
Thanks, that's what I thought. If you buy as a gift link it doesn't tie the desura games to the the e-mail the gift is sent to.
So my offer still stands. A gift link for the Indie Royale Gamer Chick bundle in exchange for GOG/Steam games of your choice or Paypal.
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— X —

Thanks Tarnicus for Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition! :)
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Have: Metro Last Light Steam Gift + RPK DLC Gift

Want: Skyrim LE / Offers
1. 50% OFF Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army
2. 66% OFF Awesomenauts gone to undeadcow
3. 75% OFF Revenge of the Titans Gone to Tranquil.Suit
4. 33% OFF Rush Bros Expired sorry
5. 50% OFF Strike Suit Infinity Expired sorry
6 75% OFF Serious Sam 3: BFE Expired sorry
7. 75% OFF Hamilton's Great Adventure
8. 90% OFF Hamilton's Great Adventure gone to Samlii
Nothing this is a gift
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Starcraft 2 Account (US)


$11 paypal

add my steam if interested

Reason for selling: not playing anymore, would like to buy dota 2 items instead.