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edit: nothing here anymore ;)
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WANT: Steam keys for Anna and Post Mortem from the Groupees bundle

HAVE: Steam keys for Home and MacGuffin's Curse from the IR bundle
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Asbeau: Still Life
Are you getting the names mixed up or the games? Post Mortem is the one in the Groupees bundle.
Asbeau: Still Life
SirPrimalform: Are you getting the names mixed up or the games? Post Mortem is the one in the Groupees bundle.
Oops. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll edit =)
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=== Specal Weekend Offer ===
=== 3 for 1 ===

Here are my trades

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend.
'Twas a pleasure trading in the end. Thanks!
If a combination of some of these interest you, PM me!

Steam keys:
Titan Attacks
Sol Survivor
HIB 3 bonus (And Yet It Moves, Cogs, Crayon Physics, Hammerfight, VVVVVV)
HIB 6 bonus (Bit Trip Runner, Gratuitous Space Battles, Jamestown, Wizorb)
Alien Zombie Megadeth
Astro Tripper
Future Wars
Greed: Black Border
Trapped Dead
Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
The Void
Cargo: The Quest for Gravity

Steam gifts:
Nuclear Dawn
Rome: Total War Gold

Dreamfall: TLJ ($7.49 GOG promo)
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adambiser: 'Twas a pleasure trading in the end. Thanks!
Yup, thanks again, man. =)

A.I.M 2, Men of War, Men of War Red tide, Space Rangers, Black market, Star wolves, Zombie shooter

Want offers

would trade all for steam version of AC or binding of issac
Have FTL (GOG)

Want other GOG games. From the ones currently on sale, I'd like:
Descent 1+2
Descent 3
The Longest Journey

You can try to tempt me with steam games, but GOG preferred.
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If anyone is interested, please PM me, here is my list. :)
Random one

Pitman (Desura)
Ghost Master (Steam)
Sacred Gold (Steam)

Either the Indie Royale: Halloween Bundle
Groupees 'Bundle of the Damned' $4+ Pack
3 offers to trade

Offer 1: A HiB 6 BTA key which contains Wizorb, BIT.TRIP.RUNNER, Gratuitous Space Battles, and Jamestown.
I am willing to trade it for Wizorb, since I already have the rest of the games from previous bundles.

Offer 2: A Civilization V steam gift, from a Russian XCOM:EU pre-order. Game may be region locked, but I'm not sure about it. Willing to trade it for ~$10 worth of gogs.

Offer 3: XCOM: Enemy Unknown retail code from a Special Edition. 2 serials, one for the game, one for the Elite Soldier Pack. Looking for about $30-$40, either in gog games or paypal. May also accept some steam games, but not that many I'm looking for.