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Harvest: Massive Encounter (Steam Key)
Gundemonium Recollection (Steam Key)
Airmech (Steam Key)
Omegalodon (Desura Key)
AirBuccaneers HD (Alpha) Loot & Booty Pack (GamersGate Gift)


Any GOG offers.
Magicka (GG Sale)
Painkiller (GG Sale)
Darkfall 2: Lights Out (GG Sale)
The Bard's Tale.
Adventure or RPG games.

Games from the Interplay promo:

Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Freespace + Expansion
Freespace 2
Earthworm Jim 1 + 2
Kingpin: Life of Crime
Descent + Descent 2

Games from the Viking promo:

Legend of Grimrock
Alan Wake

I will gladly trade multiple games for a single game from my wishlist.

In the past, I have successfully traded with:
OvaltineJenkins, zeliArd, Rodzaju, magix74, slaktarn and the_bard.

PM me if interested :).
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Any high rep gogers want to trade with me?

I offer:

Dota 2 (seems like it's back in my inventory)

I want:

Edna & Harvey (GOG)


Gazoinks, lowyhong, ne_zavarj, summitus, gyokzoli, Cassidy, carnival73, metalkidz, K_1269, didamangi, WhiteWolf.
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amano: [ Want ]

The Settlers®: Rise Of An Empire (Gamersgate currently on sale @$2.49)
You have a PM!
amano: [ Want ]

The Settlers®: Rise Of An Empire (Gamersgate currently on sale @$2.49)
Foxhack: You have a PM!
Great. Have PM you the details.
Trade completed. Thanks, amano!
Foxhack: Trade completed. Thanks, amano!
Nice trading. Hope to trade with you again next time. Thanks.
Want: Battle Chess / Earthworm Jim 1+2, basically if anyone has one of these left extra from the Interplay Promotion

I'll purchase (And send first) one of the indie bundles that are currently up and running, or for both games I'll purchase a $6 GOG game.
Old post.
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My list has been updated, pm if interested in working something out. Thank you
W: Edna & Harvey

H: Dota 2

Pm Me. Must have a relatively high rep (sorry, i'd hate to get burned again)
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Dead Island Game of the Year Edition (Steam retail key)

WANT (Some combination of the GOG games below):

Thief Gold
Thief 2
Zork: Grand Inquisitor
Zork Nemesis
The Forbidden Lands
Legend of Grimrock
The Longest Journey
Blackwell Bundle

Previous trades: PandaLiang
Have: (All Steam Tradeable)

Alan Wake Franchise
Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition
Civilization V
Darksiders II
Dawn of War II: Retribution -- Complete DLC Pack
Game of Thrones: Bundle


Game Offers
TF2 Key / Item Offers
carnival73: Divine Divinity (First one)
Check your PMs and scratch that from your list. :)

Steam gifts:
Dota 2 Voodoo set (Set for Witch doctor)
And some items...

Steam Key:
-Worms Crazy Golf
-Worms Blust
-Bunch of Heroes
-Beat Hazard
And much more, just pm me , for more info.

Earthworm Jim 1 , Earthworm Jim 2 , Duke Nukem, Sensible Soccer.

If you want to trade please send me an offer through PM.
In most cases i will go first.
EDIT: Offer me any game, there are so much games that i like here :) !!!
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