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World War II was won in turn-based combat! S3: Sentinels included.

S2: Silent Storm Gold Edition, a stunningly complex turn-based squad-command game set in an alternate history version of World War II, where a secret Nazi organization known as the Thor's Hammer developed a selection of deadly wonder-weapons, is available 60% off on That's only $3.99 for the next 24 hours!

The year is 1943 in a world quite similar to our own. The flame of World War II shines burns brighter than ever, consuming more lives every single day. In this alternate version of history, the Axis is gaining an upper hand over the Alliants, thanks to the technologies and secrets developed by the sinister Thor's Hammer elite Nazi organization. You are assigned the task of leading a small commando against the most dangerous of foes and crushing the threat once and for all. You'll have use your squad's abilities to the full extent and devise all kinds of sabotage and covert tactics to complete your mission.

S2: Silent Storm Gold Edition, which also includes the huge add-on--S3: Silent Storm Sentinel, brings complex turn-based tactical gameplay into the colorful setting of alternate World War II, to create a memorable gameplay experience. The 3D world, that becomes the theater of war, is full of destructible obstacles and objects, the characters support ragdoll mechanics, and even the flight of the projectiles is simulated using the Havoc physics engine. With many missions ahead of you, and even more tactical options to choose from, this game will bring you hours and hours of multi-layered fun and challenge!

Prepare for some top-notch turn-based tactics, and phisics-based havoc in S2: Silent Storm Gold Edition, for only $3.99 today, on! The offer lasts until Tuesday, May 7, at 9:59AM GMT.
I guess I will finally get this series. I know it was lauded for its good mechanics. I think that the mix of futuristic elements in a WWII scenario was liked by the majority but a few didn't really like the mix. (Soldiers use laser weapons and ride in mechsuits). But it does sound fun and at a good price like this seems like a good deal.

Thanks GOG. (Wish you would get the Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far series already. That was serious business.)
Victory! I was able to pay with my debit card, choo choo! Knowing my luck, a friend will come the minute i start the game. Thanks for the promo GOG!;)
The Close Combat game rights are owned by Matrix Games. They updated them and sell them on their website, so, though it would be nice, I doubt we will ever see them here. They in general, don't like to sell their games elsewhere.

I can't begin to describe what a gem this game is. When I first tried it in 2003, I had no idea such a genre even existed. To this day I believe it has the best engine I've seen in a "strategy" game, and as far as "oh shit" & "hell yeah" moments it's been unsurpassed to this day.
It's a diamond in the rough though, with performance issues and bugs present. Still, it's a game you won't forget, just because it's so special.
To think we almost had JA3 on this engine...
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Very last paragraph.
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