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Chaotic evil.

Postal 2 Complete, the legendary sandbox of sadistic stunts and mindless mayhem with no political correctness whatsoever, is available 60% of on That's only $3.99 for the next 24 hours!

Video games can play a vital role in shaping the future generations. This is a good thing! There are games that can convey many important values, like friendship, loyalty, selflessness, and honor. Games that can improve our cognitive skills and enhance our logical thinking. Games that can teach you a thing or two about things like economy and enterprise. Games that will make you more environmentally aware and more sensitive to social issues. Games that, in short, will make you a better person. This, however, is not one of those games. Not by a long shot.

Postal 2 Complete is all about mayhem. You're given an opportunity to blow off some steam in a sandbox environment of a comically depicted town. The game's imagery of violence is very graphic, but the over-the-top presentation leaves no doubt: this is only a game, and it does not even try to be realistic. Nonetheless, Postal 2 became the poster boy for video game violence and as such it made a place for itself in the gaming hall of eternal fame. The version we provide comes with the Share the Pain multiplayer extension and the Apocalypse Weekend campaign add-on, so you get to experience the game in all of its (in)glory.

Get the psycho-party started, get Postal 2 Complete on, for only $3.99. The promo lasts until Tuesday, March 12, at 10:59AM GMT.
tinyE: You two are too kind and thank you. One more thing and then I promise I'll stop. It mentions you can use treats to appease dogs, does that mean you can actually use them to attack other people for you? I don't mind blasting people but I have real issues with shooting animals even if they are attacking me.
Yeah, you can, tho sometimes they tend to attack you after a while. You can also use doughnuts to lure cops, and catnip to lure cats.
thebream: Awful game. I would warn people against buying this. Too many people giving this game favourable comments, it would pain me to think someone bought this based on their comments. There are much better sandbox and FPS games out there to bother with this one. All the violence is just a gimmick, its only mentioned to give the game publicity it doesn't deserve and hide how crap the underlying game is. This game nearly made me quit gaming altogether. If you really must try this out, I recommend you get it somewhere else first and then buy it if you like it.
tinyE: Does that mean I can have your copy? :P

FYI, I already own it so I don't want people thinking I'm scrounging here. :D
I don't have it anymore. Played it 5 years ago i think and decided to do away with it after finishing. Even if I did, I wouldn't forgive myself for letting someone else play that game.