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Cogito ergo goblinum sum.

Gobliiins Pack, a collection of three whimsical puzzle-oriented point-and-click adventures, full of unique charm and humor, challenging stages, colorful pixel graphics, and memorable characters, is available 60% off today on That's only $2.39 for the next 24 hours!

Me has name Grisfald. Me goblin historian. You me forgive, me not talk human good. You talk goblin? No? Extra-big shame! Me talk slow, so you slow human understand. Goblinkind history fascinating. We have many many heroes. Goblin heroes small but do big things. Battle bad bad wizards and big extra-bad demons. go on epic quests see the world. World dangerous. Full of big monsters and nasties. Little goblin have to be extra-smart or he will be goblin-pulp. Human understand? Goblin all extra-smart or extra-dead. Goblin heroes never dead and have great victory. Not bam-bam slash-slash victory. A thinkie-think victory. Alright, sometimes goblin hero punch some nastie in the noggin, but mostly thinkie-think. Human learn goblin history now and get smarter so human better thinkie-think. Maybe even human learn speak goblin. Maybe not if human dumb. Human is dumb or extra-smart? Human go now and see!

Gobliiins Pack bundles the first three games in the series of one of the most remarkable adventure series in existance. Each of the games takes us into the strange, funny, wonderful, and sometimes scary land inhabited by goblins and other fantastic creatures. All of them tell a story of a fantastic quest full of magic and humor, that takes us through many puzzle-packed stages. In order to progress you need to solve the imaginative puzzles on a given stage, and each time it proves to be both challenging and entertaining. The great comedic sense, charming graphics, colorful setting, and tons of funny little scenes will make you fall in love in this fantastic series!

Visit the wonderful land of goblins and get cracking on some of the most challenging and original puzzles in the history of adventure games in Gobliiins Pack, for only $2.39. The offer lasts until Tuesday, May 21, at 9:59AM GMT.
Does anyone know if there is a patch to remove the censorship?
DarkoD13: Does anyone know if there is a patch to remove the censorship?
I don't think you are going to find it since Sierra On-line never published an uncensored version after it bought the french company that developed the game. I don't think anyone really was interested in creating a patch either. :P

But hey, if you really want to know what you are missing, well here it is!!!

Jump to the 30 min 45 sec mark and you will see her in all her pixelated glory. There is another gal around which you can hunt for yourself. :P! (Amiga Longplay [083] Gobliiins)