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Straight from the computer role-playing hall of fame!

Anvil of Dawn, a grid-based first-person perspective role-playing classic, coming from the golden days of DOS gaming era, is available 60% off on That's only $2.39 for the next 24 hours!

Sword in hand, eyes blinking to adjust to the dark, you take your first cautious steps into the dungeon. You can never tell what secrets and dangers the underground holds just by looking at the entrance. An unassuming hole in the ground, a trapdoor in some moldy basement, a cave overgrown with weeds--it almost never holds a promise of anything interesting. A true adventurer will know, however. They will feel the gentlest breeze, they will smell a hint of foul monster stench, they'll be magically drawn to the treasures and artifacts hidden below, and they will boldly venture forth. Before then know it, they'll be right in the middle of epic events putting the fate of the entire world at stake. Such is the way of dungeon crawling, such it has always been, and such it will ever be.

Anvil of Dawn deserves a prominent place on your virtual shelf, if you consider yourself an RPG fan. As far as grid-based dungeon crawlers go, this one delivers unprecedented amount of detail, depth, and diversity in gameplay. Character development mechanics alone make it well-worth seeing, but the stellar enemy design and great variance of settings is where the game truly shines. It will take you dozens of hours to explore the fantastic world of Tempest, become its true champion, and defeat the game's main villain. Don't wait one more minute, start your grand adventure now!

Experience DOS-era dungeon crawling at it's finest with the classic RPG Anvil of Dawn, for only $2.39 on The offer lasts until Tuesday, August 13, at 9:59AM GMT.
A nice rpg at a great price.
Finaly a game from my wishlist :)
Nice one!
Good game, good promo. This one was apparently going to have a sequel called Hammer of Night, but it never eventuated
Weell, why not...

Bought it a few weeks ago. Excellent game and well worth the sale price.

I'd say grab it if you like this kind of game as it's fun.
Great, i wanted to play that
Not the best but playable and the first in a week that i want to play, so why not
I just couldn't stop myself :P
Thank you GOG, i am very interested to try this out!
Thank you, just bought it!
Thanks GOG,
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Same here, one down from my wishlist :)
Hopefully we get the other RPG's this developer made on GOG
Nice promo, one item less in my wishlist. Purchasing now,