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high rated
Hi there !

Few days ago some members noticed me about my upcoming fourth star. That's make me smiling, feeling to be a part of that community is great, and as you know I like to share when i can, so let's share my happiness by a little celebration !
This is a giveaway for some good old games, I wanted to keep the GOG spirit as much as I can. Not a lot of prizes are redeemable through GOG unfortunately, but I think everyone can find something interesting. Well, hopefully !

The prizes are :

# A unique GOG code contain :
- Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy)
- Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition
- Omikron: The Nomad Soul

# GTA Trilogy (GamersGate - Steamworks)
- GTA 3
- GTA Vice City
- GTA San Andreas

# Icewind Dale Complete (GamersGate - DRM free)

# Jack Orlando: Director's Cut (Steam - Inventory)

# Cold War (Steam - Inventory)

# A bunch of Humble gift link :
- Civilization 3 Complete
- Thief Gold
- Deus Ex: Invisible War
- Just Cause

Optionally, let's talk about your thoughts regarding evolution of video games. Are you nostalgia for ever, or looking forward for all news, balancing, or just never take care of the release date of a game when you're playing it ? A free talk about this subject.

Please note the code contain all the 3 games, if you win you'll get Omikron, Fahrenheit and Another World. If you already have one or more of them, you'll be able to share the code to someone else who will be able to redeem the spare game(s).

I don't know when will strike, no dead line, no entry requirements, let's party !
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Not in, but congrats! : )
Not in for any games, but congrats on the 1000 points.

As for the evolution of games, having large detailed open worlds is probably the biggest advancement so far, I don't personally like the movement towards games becoming movies - that's not a plus at all for me.

I'm always up for trying the newest games, but my gaming heart belongs with 2D and early 3D games.
In for Another World. Congratulation on your fourth and +1

For me it doesn't matter whatever new or old but mainly about the plot (when it's an adventure game) or the gameplay (when it other genres).
Not in but +1

Also - you sure the GTA games are steamworks ? Because when i bought them on GG, they only had Securom .
not in, but this is a very generous GA!
Congrats on getting your 4th star :)
I am not much of a nostalgiacist in any media or genre. I don't reminisce about better simpler times. I also do not think it is important to save and catalog so much from the past.

I am a grouch, I guess.

But, there are many old games I do love. For their art - Abe's Oddysee. For their cleverness - Trinity (text game). For their surprising imagination - Fallout. For the sound design - Planescape: Torment. For the fully 3-dimensional level design - Descent. For the flawlessly paced level design - Doom. For the mathematical complexity - Civilization. The list goes on...

At the same time, I greatly admire many new games. Dragon Age: Origins, the new Batman action games, Mr. Bree+, The Witcher, Braid, Borderlands, Civilization V. The list, too, goes on.

cheers and congrats!

EDIT: I would like to be in for Omikron: The Naked Soul, please.
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Congrats mate! :)

Not in, but thanks.

As for your topic - I really don't care about the release date.
Congrats on the fourth star!

I'm in for Another World.

When it comes to gaming I don't care much about the release date of a game. A game is either good or bad no matter when it was made. Sometimes I'm in the mood for some nostalgia and play old games and sometimes I want some newfangled flashy eye candy.

It's basically the same as with food. If you only eat you favorite food you'll get sick of it pretty fast. Variety is necessary.
I'm in for "Deus Ex: Invisible War " thanks for the giveaway! +1

I feel like I can't play the more newer games(post 2005) nowadays, maybe I'm old fashion or I don't want to feel like I'm getting older..idk blah
Hey, congrats! I'll be in for GTA Trilogy -- kinda tired of wrestling to get my disc versions working every time I get a new computer.

My gaming heart very much belongs to the VGA era of adventure games. My family picked up a PC for the first time at the tail end of the golden age, just before KQ6 was released. Overall, the 90s were an exciting time when new genres were emerging and even the biggest developers were willing to engage in experimentation that they would never try today.
In for Deus Ex: Invisible War please. Thanks for the giveaway.

I'm not really bothered about release date, but I find that most of my favourite games are older "classics". I think there are a variety of reasons for that, SNES games for example where the pinnacle of 2D games, they haven't really been significantly bettered. Whereas N64 era games were the first 3D games, so while unpolished they were so new and different that they still stand out.

I don't think we're at the stage where 3D games will never get any better yet, we haven't reached that pinnacle.

That being said there are a lot of modern games I love, Xenoblade Chronicles, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Dawn of War (although that's not all that modern any more I suppose). Like I said, actual age doesn't bother me and I wouldn't buy a game or not buy it purely on release date.
Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations for 1,000 posts.

I'd like to sign up for Omikron.

Most modern games don't interest me. I don't own a console past the Gamecube and only have a handful of games made in the past few years. That said, there are tons of rubbish old games, we've just forgotten about them.
I'm in for the GTA games, and Omikron! Thanks for this.

The nostalgia I have is mostly SNES, GBA and Mega Drive. I can't play SNES or GBA due to reasons I won't elaborate unless asked because they're long and boring. I will add that Nintendo really should have made their online digital eShop available here. I don't have the Mega Drive anymore, but I only ever had Sonic 1, Toejam & Earl and California Games, which I respectively own on iPad now, want to own on PC (only recently found it on Steam) and can't really own anymore. For the PC the most nostalgic thing was RCT1, which I own thanks to GOG!

And since that's almost all of my nostalgia I pretty much buy modern games now — on the PC I can buy some old games I find interesting or cool digitally and have some fun, but on consoles it can't really be done.

Edit: I already have Civ 3 now!
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Congratulations on 4 stars. How long did it take?

I don't care about nostalgia or the latest releases. Of course I want to play the latest ones but I know the treasures hidden in the past. So if I have the option, I play new, take a trip to the old ones, then return to todays gaming. Nowadays I'm in ten years past, in nostalgia for so long :)

I'm in for GTA Series by the way.