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Thunderstone: I'm not knowledgeable about Curse, but mod management could be something that could be helpful to gog users since a lot of older games pretty much just beg for some modding. Gog should have mentioned this in their OP about them
.... click on their Skyrim link on the frontpage. 196 mods..... sort by newest: April 2013....

/em outta here
vojtasass: But seriously, why do you complain? Who are you, men or mice?
ne_zavarj: I'm a doctor \ o /
That's great! But we probably need a psychiatrist. ;)
bad luck that gaming is kind of introvertive amusement for me, so i play only singles and am not interested in network gaming

flanner: bad luck that gaming is kind of introvertive amusement for me, so i play only singles and am not interested in network gaming

Don't sweat it. Lots of people suck, and being around a person who sucks when you just want to play a video game is never a fun situation. It may very well be bad luck if they were to show up, rather than the opposite.
morhlis: I kinda wish GOG had a voluntary client
I suspect they're working on that as we speak.
G-Doc: Uh-oh. Judging from those comments comes across as the Big Bad Wolf to some gamers. Don't worry guys! This is our way of doing something nice for a large community of people that may not know yet, and maybe gaining some new users in the process. Nothing to be alarmed, and no one is going to huff and puff at anyone else.
Cross-promotions are always confusing to normal users/customers. We're more interested in products/services and tend to misunderstand cross-promotions as strategic agreements or mutual ongoing linkages in service.

Add to this that Curse hasn't managed their brand well leading to negative associations, and website acquisition can always occur around transitions in style/quality which leads to user annoyance. There's also the invoked fear that as curse has a history of acquiring content sites users are familiar with, that they might be on the way to acquiring GOG (although obviously is an ongoing software store business, not a content site, so I have no such concern) . On top of that this announcement doesn't explain what Curse is to users who may not know them already.

That's where all the confusion and worry comes from.
Post edited January 02, 2014 by jsjrodman even <span class="bold">sent an agent</span> in order to spy CD Projekt RED!

CDPR is lost!
The Witcher 3 is lost!
Curse you GOG!
Curse you!

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Holy shit.

So much mouth breathing in here it sounds like a C - 17 firring up its engines.
Vote for Playboy cross-promotion . :p

( the cold took over the control of my brain )
I haven't even heard of this website...
ne_zavarj: Vote for Playboy cross-promotion . :p

( the cold took over the control of my brain )
But, but, but...Triss did appear in Playboy.....
mkell_226: Dear GOG,

This displeases me and my overinflated sense of self-importance. In the future, please recognize my place in the
Universe, and restrict all deals, decisions, and front-page announcements to things that affect -and indeed are directed towards- me, and stop wasting time on unimportant triviality such as people who are not me. Surely you must agree that this is the only way to go, as anyone with more than two functioning neurons KNOWS that I, and I alone, am the only thing that really matters in the whole of creation.
dele30: You're the only one who matters in the whole of creation? I think not... That would be me! :)
I am sorry to break it for you, but I'm the only one that really matters here. Now, GOG, as we settled (well, you weren't there so I made the decission for you), I'm allowing you to have this partnership only if you bring me Downfall and Harvester (yes, if you're asking, I decided to let the rest of you enjoy them too). You have time till tomorrow evening. If it doesn't happen, I'll fire you all.
On a serious note, it's great to have our enclave... but if we want the enclave to flourish, we need to trade with others.
Who calls themselves don't know. As long as GOG doesn't become bloatware.

Here I was hoping for a new release today, perish the thought...
high rated
As long as you don't put any stuff into your installers... not the most tech savvy person here and totally unable to remove the curse mod installer for WoW from my PC. Have been wary of them ever since.
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Hillsy_: Who calls themselves
Nice setup for a creepypasta, isn't it? :)