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Get a free game with your premium membership!

[url=" target="_blank][/url]What a great day to have a curse! [url=" target="_blank][/url] premium membership, that is. We've partnered up with the fast-growing gaming network to make their sleek paid accounts offer even more awesome than before. Each premium user--whether they're upgrading their account or already have premium subscription--now gets to pick one of ten games redeemable on That's our way of putting a cherry on top of the already extensive offer, that includes--but is not limited to--unlimited access to a feature-full online gaming client, beta-keys giveaways, and various discounts with selected partners. Here's the list of games that [url=" target="_blank][/url] premium members can pick from:

Sacred Gold
Gothic 2 Gold Edition
Empire Earth: Gold Edition
Divine Divinity
Dungeon Keeper Gold
Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers
Defender's Quest
Megabyte Punch

As you can see, whether you are a role-player, a strategist, a puzzle-solver, or even a keen tower defender, you'll get something extra for yourself with your current or new premium [url=" target="_blank][/url] membership. More info on obtaining the free game can be found in [url=" target="_blank]this news article[/url]. This partnership offer remains valid at least until December 31, 2014. We highly recommend [url=" target="_blank][/url] services, and hope you'll enjoy your free title!
I'm not interested in such services. So nothing special for me.
rawmilk905: I don't like that Chase processes Curse's payments and I've got no use for their subscription "service." I suppose I could see paying a fee for one month if it amounted to a discount on a game I wanted, but nah, seems too much like a trap.
You dont have to use the paid version forever or something like that, unless you want the free game.
There is a version of curse that are totally free to use .

I think it woud be pretty problematic if curse suddenly started charging a fee you had to take since most of the content on Curse is made by other people (modders) and not curse themself.
ZebTm: 2) how easy it would be to cancel a monthly subscription
Titanium: If I read their FAQ page correctly, it should be easily canceled the second you get it, and it will stay valid for the remainder of the original length.

But if you wait until five days till the end date, it will be automatically renewed. (paragraph 4.)
Nope, its said that subscription cancelled in first 24h will remove all premium benefits. And they daying that subscription activation can take up to 72h, so i guess you cannot just register, pay, snatch game and cancell it.
As for payment, its said they accept major bank cards and paypal. If you really fear monthly subsriptions (which sometimes very hard to stop) i suggest to use virtual card issued just for one payment on Curse. Once you get your game you can delete that card and 99% there will be no more charges possible.
I personally have no use for the site or their services so nothing lost for me. Others my find the site useful so it's for each to decide for themselves.

I don't even feel threatened by the announcement . . . unless they are trying to take over . . which would change my response slightly. ; )
high rated
I think I can see this as a generally positive thing. More exposure for GOG is fine, and people who would generally be interested in the listed games are more likely to be interested in GOG as a whole.

It just strikes me odd that you'd be announcing it like "Hey, you know this somewhat random and thematically unrelated site? You don't? Funny. Anyway, some of those guys are getting a free game from us. Neat, huh? Also, a partnership means that we might be interested in some of their business practices. Ads while browsing and premium accounts sound awesome. But we're not saying this out loud, just leaving it on the table and letting you figure out the rest. See ya."

Like I said, I trust GOG staff that such absurdities where the last thing on their minds when forming this limited partnership, but it is right there, in the open.
Pheace: I just remember curse from my WOW days
That is how Curse got its start, it was s site that hosted add-on content for WoW.

I think people are getting hung up on the word "partnership". It's just marketing speak. GoG sold them a bunch of games for Curse to use as a marketing incentive and the nice touchy-feely word for that is partnership. It's not marriage!

edit; I wanted to add. I do not have any negative memories of Curse though I don't recall using them much, if at all. I just wanted to confirm your memory of how the site got its start.
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If GOG goes to a paid subscription model, like the ominous words "limited partnership" with Curse seems to implies, then I'll depart from GOG.

Maybe, the discounts were too steep this year on the current catalog of games?

I'd rather pay more for the games and keep GOG clean of ads and 'rent' seeking corruption.
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Meh. There are a few features that Curse offers which I find interesting. Unfortunately for them, I don't need to pay to create a similar setup.

Glad to know that GOG is getting more advertisement though.
It's just Curse, I don't see why this is a bad thing.

It's not like an old classic was pulled off the catalogue...
Doesn't really matter to me, I guess. Can only be good if it wins GOG more customers, though!
It's Thursday - I was hoping rather for a new release post ...
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Wow, I never thought I'd say this but that subscription service makes even CoD Elite look useful in comparison. Ahh well, this could, uh, maybe, make for some decent advertising for GoG, I guess.
Telika: Even after visting their website, I still don't know what is about.
F4LL0UT: Took a look at the site and I still have no idea what it does and what its purpose is. If anything I'd love to see team up with Gameranger for more online multiplayer support in old games.
hedwards: do we want those kind of players? They're worse than the upper-middle class.
HiPhish: I still don't get what the site is about...
cannard: I don't know what this site does either even after having read their "About Us" found in tiny print that blends with the background on the bottom of the page
gibbeynator: not exactly sure what this service is all about.
AdamR: Count me as the 14th person in this thread who still can't figure out what Curse actually does.
Davane: I have no idea what Curse is about, and after looking at their site, I am still baffled.
same, dunno what that thing is.
doesnt matter, will never use it anyway.

Welcome, Friends!

Pemptus: Oh no, a business arrangement that benefits GOG and doesn't affect us in any way! Quick, we must complain!
ok but seriously. ^ Yeah pretty much. Why is everybody getting pissy over this? Nowhere in that press release did mention any kind of control or influence, or direction of their service by, that would change anything for us. And while it would be unwise to assume that there is fully no influence at all, by what was stated it seems to be very light or almost completely nonexistent. This is less of the "everything is changing" partnership and more of the "contests and giveaways!" partnership.

It's exposure, and while I don't fully understand the draw, does so that's fine.

So, no need to bash stuff over this. I welcome our new mod-platform-thing friends and hope they enjoy their games!

It might even be laying the groundwork for some kind of community platform integration or something. A lot of the games on have excellent mods. Seems a good fit for it in that sense.

In the interest of being good buddies with the new partners I also just wanted to mention real quick about their website. Like many people in this thread, having not heard of them before, after a quick trip to their website I had no idea what they did and were for. So maybe that's something to consider, and I mention just in case any people are perusing the thread, unlikely but hey.

So once again welcome.
I red that page, and I have absolutely no idea, why I should care of this... kind of "social premium member zone".

But actualy if I don't know why should I care, I am absolutely sure (like every curse) I should really scare!
Is this "partnership" the beginning of the GoG end?