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Good news, strategy fans!
Age of Wonders 3, the long-awaited continuation of the hit strategy series will be available DRM-free on!

See the Announcement Trailer...

...and the in-depth gemeplay footage from the current alpha build, with developer commentary.
Great news!
Great news indeed! It's one of my favorite franchise. From the screenshots, its adventure world looks quite like Civ V.
Awesome news!
Big fan of the series, so I'm really looking forward to this :D
Great news!!!!

GoG confirming an upcoming game? What's next, snowball fights in hell?
amok: *shock*

GoG confirming an upcoming game? What's next, snowball fights in hell?
Jesus, what crawled up your butt this morning? It's not even like this was posted on the front page, maybe G-Doc just wanted to share something about a game he was excited for just as much as other fans.

I guess GOG staff aren't allowed to celebrate the release of games they've wanted.
Yay ! Now how about Carmageddon 2 ?
Licurg: Yay ! Now how about Carmageddon 2 ?
I think you really needn't ask the question... :P
And "yay", I guess. Edit: More like a genuine "yay" after seeing a bit of the gameplay. This looks cool!
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i thought this was clear since the annoucement (GoG logo at the end of the trailer). Good to know it will be DRM-free, but personally I'm hoping for a retail release with a nice good old fashioned printed manual.
Looks nice, guess I better buy and play the other games now. Not sure why I haven't already done so, they look quite good.
Great News. What a shock though. A blue announcing a title in a thread!!! :D
Surprise and Delight!
I had no idea the series was still alive, it's been so long since Shadow Magic was released. And the in-game footage looks great, I'm excited! Thanks for sharing the good news!!