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In. ^^

I like bundleds to be spaced to where I can save up for them/what I want from them. Too many too often is hard on me. :P
Count me in, thanks.
As for bundles, the more the merrier I say, and I do not really expect quality control from them with the exception of the Humble Bundle. What I do dislike is bundle sites turning into game stores and using their bundle notification mailing lists to email me their store sales.
I'm in! Thanks!
I am in. Thanks. +rep
Im in. thanks for the giveaway. I like bundles. if there not good I dont have to like them but its still a chance to get some cheap games.
I'm in, thank you! Here's to more returning friends.
I'm in and thanks for the giveaway!!!

Wrt bundles I like them as they give me a cheap way to pick up games I might not have otherwise ever considered.
I'm entering, thanks!

And bundles are great, but to be honest, I rarely get any non-humble bundle bundles.
As usual I'm in

Bundle... hmm, sometime you could get awesome deal on good games but usually the games seem mediocre and uninteresting.
Count me in, thank you!

I would love to see gog bundles.
I'm in :)

Bundles are often low in quality, but sometimes they're good.
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I'll enter this time around, if I may. :)

I love bundles, though it seems there is less quality control all the time. Too many repeats and uninteresting games in bundles lately, but I won't pretend I don't check all the usual bundle sites a couple times a week.

Thanks to Sachys and The Sigil for the giveaway!
I am in and I think a lot of the bundles are junkie games that people buy anyway because . 'Hey its only a buck'
I'm in, thank you.

I don't really care about bundles, I didn't even know what they were less than a year ago.
I'd rather buy games individually than a bunch that I'd probably end up disliking; furthermore, most of them contain games of genres that I'm not interested in.
Long story short: I have never bought them and I never will.
In again, thanks!

I never bought a bundle: most of the time, the games do not interest me. Besides, I prefer to spend only for games I'm sure I will play -and like. Unfortunately, I missed the only two bundles I would have bought... They were both on Humble, more precisely the no.9 (with Mark of the Ninja DRM-free, sigh) and the Serious Sam one.