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I'm in, thanks
I'm in, please.

bundles_ I love 'em. Stuff I'd never try on its own bundled with 1 maybe 2 games I'll gladly buy for $5-ish? Awesome.

Complaining about bundles that aren't very good mix of games? Why do that? Just don't buy 'em. Exactly like regular games.

So, upsides that single game sales don't have, plus only the same minuses as single game sales.

Please count me in. Thanks members of the Sigil.
I´m in, thank you.
I'm in :)

I love Bundles when they have a game I really want for cheap and several more that sound fun to try, but not when I'd have to buy so many games of types I don't play that buying it for the 1 or 2 that I *might* want wouldn't make good sense. I pass on most bundles for that reason (though lots of times I'm just too broke to even think about it regardless, so the fact that the current bundles aren't appealing just makes me feel better about not being able to afford them. ;) In general, I wish there were more adventure and casual games (of types I like) in bundles, but then I only got into looking at the sales regularly this last six months, so maybe I missed a bunch like that in the past. *shrugs*
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There have been about 2-3 bundles that have been perfect matches to my wishlist. I'm happy with how many bundles there are, because it's just playing the numbers game. Eventually, games I want are going to be in a nice, cheap package if I exercise a little patience :)

Praise be to The Sigil!
This round I'm out. Won last week and now giving bigger chance to others :)
Anyway thanks Sachys/Sigil ^^

As for bundles. Last time it's hard to find some good (for me) since I like games that is occasionally in bundles. But for platformer lovers is lot of opportunity.
Count me in, thanks.
I'd like to enter. Thank you , Sachys and The Sigil.

I don't mind the amount of bundles, even though lately it feels like there are at least 20 happening at any given time. It seems that bundles are going into other areas which might make some people happy, like Groupees having music bundles and Humble Bundle's e-book bundles. Not all interest me, so out of the 20, there might be only 1 or 2 that I would consider.
I'm in and throw my own hat in absence of a Bond villain's.

I like bundles. I've gotten a lot of games that wouldn't have otherwise played. Sure, there's a lot of tat, and my biggest gripe is the large frequency of overlaps, but mostly I've gotten some good value.
I would like to participate too.

Thanks for another giveaway! +1
I'm in!

I think game bundles can be good so long as they are DRM free.
Pick me, pick me :). Consider that my way of entering for this week. Thanks!
I'm in, thank you very much

as for the bundles, bundles are cool, i got quite some cool games out of them and it makes me feel good to donate for charity, that is if the charity money actually goes to charity and the charity uses it for a good purpose.