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I'm in. Not quite interested in bundles because most of the time only 1 or 2 games in the bundles usually interest me.
It's raINing.
I'm in!

I once bought a bundle on humblebundle, including games like Dark Eye Chains of Stanislav and those Shakespeare adventures. It was a pretty sweet deal, and I discovered some nice new titles which probably would have gone unnoticed otherwise, but the fact they're available online for only a limited amount of time is a bit of a nuissance. I prefer a system like GOG where you get to have a permanent online library.
Count me in, thank you.
In, thanks.
Lost interest in bundles around HIB4 (Dec 2011).
I'm in as well ! Thanks again for the giveaway Sachys and The Sigil !

Now, bundles...Hmmm...Well, most of them are Steam keys-that is not very good for those of us who dislike Steam. The best bundles in my opinion are from Humble Bundle, though there were some let's say not so good bundles from them recently- like the recent Pewdiepie and the currently running Moblie Bundle 5. But anyways, I have recently purchased like 7 games from their bundles recently for 2.20 (the recent PC and anroid bundle, mainly for type rider, which I have now almost finished and was a very good game-only the secret level remains- and the current Devolver bundle, mainly for real texas-which I have played a while, and seems to me quite a steal for 1.10-along with 2 other games-considering also it sells here on gog for 14.99(my only gripe so far is the small inventory space)
The fact that I got those games for this measly amount however does bring the oft-mentioned question of the degradation of the value of games(especially indie ones) in the general gamer public's eyes...
Well, I was too chatty again-perhaps someone else will get inspired to develop this last subject.... :-)
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Thanks Sachys and The Sigil, I'm in!
As for bundles - I usually love them, I don't buy all the bundles, just the ones which have at least 1-2 games that interest me. I've also discovered pleasant surprises in bundles, games I didn't knew about. So all in all they're ok in my book. As for the quantity, there are lots of bundles out day (many with lots of indie titles - don't get me wrong, there are lots of good indie games), but it does feel a bit saturated.
I'm in. Thanks!
Thanks for your generosity, The Sigil and Sachys! Please, count me in, as usual. ;)

I still remember when each new iteration of the Humble Indie Bundle was a great happening... Now, with so many bundles out there, the whole thing feels a bit aged. But I suppose it's always good to have the chance to choose from too many than from too few. ;)
Count me in!
I'm in!

Bundles are evil! Too many of them this days. So tempting. But I short on money, and I'm almost happy when I just don't like new bundle - because it's means that I can hold myself from buying it!
I'm in. Thanks S&S (+1).

I stopped purchasing Humble Bundles when I discovered the wonderful world of GOG.

Besides, Humble Bundle took a serious turn in the wrong direction a long time ago:
In, thanks for this and the last AFGA!

I only discovered bundles a couple of months ago, through this forum. Most of them seem to be steam-oriented or really low-budget indies, so not my cup of tea. Besides, I don`t want my games in ten different places. Therefore, I stick to GOG, with the exception of the Humblestore and their bundles.
Thanks Sachys. I'm in.

I agree with djdarko. Bundles can be good, but too often lead to making us buy things we don't want.
I'm in.

Bundles are fun only if provide additional bonus content (music, wallpapers and such), have DRM-Free version along with Steam keys and have no strict policy about gifting... and reasonable BTA titles because seriously, some bundles have only 1 cool game in BTA tier with others being garbage often, yet you must pay more to get stuff you don't want to. Also unreasonable forced tiers like $20-25 just a big no.
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