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Thanks Sachys, thanks Sigil, count me in once again.

Bundles are great for gamers but not sure if they work for devs.
In and many thanks.

Bundles...Too many?! Maybe. Too few?! No way! As for quality control, they do need a bit of work. Not following them, so i do miss a lot of them. But if some are entering on my radar and i deem them worthy, yup, gonna buy them.
In. don't have to buy every one, so there cannot be too many. The smart pick and choose.
I am in, thanks.

i used to love bundles, especially groupees and indieroyale, but lately not so much, lots of repeats and not many great games anymore in them.
I'm in.

Bundles can be great. Of the few I've purchased from Humble Bundle there has been at least one surprise game in each. I'd buy the package for one or two of the games, and then end up spending more time with the hidden gem.
I would have never purchased or played games like Offspring Fling, Snapshot, and Closure if not for bundles.

However, I am starting to see some repetition on just Humble Bundle alone, and I haven't seen what the other sites have to offer. And I get the feeling they're becoming too frequent.
Its training us as gamers to pay a few bucks and get a pile of games.. not exactly the best of ideas.
I'd like to be in please, cheers to the headmonkey and +rep, cheers of course to those that remain unnamed.

Since I'm focused on GOG for my PC games purchases, I don't have any experience with the bundle mayhem that's going on on other sites (apparently) constantly. Like the promo packs that are offered here though, even more when I can pick and choose individual titles and the price for each game stays the same even if you don't get the whole heap.
I am in. Thanks Sachys and The Sigil!

I guess I'm a kind of collector, so whenever possible I purchase bundles.
But mostly I go after complete editions of games. They really empty my wallet!
Count me in!

Bundles can be better option and could be cheaper then buy each games
I'm in, thanks!

Bundles don't really interest me, because they usually contain small indie games I'm not really into. I sometimes get some which interest me, but I've only bought those from Humble Bundle till now.
I'm in, thanks.

Regarding the bundles, I don't like them too much, because they often contain lesser titles mixed with good ones.
I prefer to collect only the best games and skip the average.
I'm in, I guess. :3
I'm in!

I have no issue with bundles. If I feel like buying one, I do. Otherwise, I don't. They generally fall into the latter category.
Count me in! Thanks Sachys and The Sigil.
I'm in.

The bundles are good for indie developers and good for consumers. They help developers get exposure and broaden gamers' horizons by potentially getting them to play games that they would otherwise not have tried and pushing them out of their comfort zone. For example, I discovered a really neat sci-fi survival horror puzzle game called The Body Changer in the Groupees' Be Mine 11 bundle.
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