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Fellow GOGlodytes,

Firstly, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Ian after his extended leave, and hope that others too will find their way back.

Six months ago we set up a temporary giveaway to fill the void left by the departure of various regular gifters on this forum, and to honour both them and other missing GOGlodytes. As time has passed, it has become apparent that this giveaway is no longer temporary, but a more permanent fixture.

Entry is simple: state that you're entering. A $10 game of your choice if you win.

On our behalf (and to maintain anonimity), Sachys has agreed to host and manage the giveaway process.

Post to be entered. Our identities are not to be revealed by the winners - or else their future entries will be refused.

Kind Regards,
The Sigil


This is a simple lottery - one person, one entry. Entries for anyone other than yourself and your own personal gaming enjoyment will not be counted.
All entrants must have an avatar and something other than "new user" as their "forum title".
The title can be changed , and the avatar [url=]HERE.
Entries not adhering to these requirements will not qualify.



* * * *
...and from me guys: if you could please refrain from bumping the thread, it would be a great help as it makes keeping tally and checking for double entries a little difficult.

* * * * *

For additional fun and participation this week (does not affect your entry)... BUNDLES!
Too many? Too little quality control... blah blah and so on. Share your view.
im in as usual

as for bundles i actually like them even if theres maybe a little bit too many of them out there right now. but its a great way to get me some games id like + some to give away or trade for other games id like so all in all i like bundles :)
Hell, I'm in :P Thanks!

I do enjoy a good bundle, but many seem to be (IMHO) crap or often contain many repeated games. You'll see the same title in several simultaneous bundles. Oh well. On the other hand, you can find some unknown indie gems too. As of late, I've been abstaining from bundles, just no interest in the last batches. <end rant>

EDIT: I word fixes, apparently I can't type.
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Oooh another Sigil Giveaway. I would like another try, please ^^

I'll be so butthurt if I don't get it this time...
I'm in first, thanks Sachys and the SIGIL, and a nice green +1 circle for the OP!

I like bundles sometimes, they are usually a good deal. However, I tend to buy most of my games individually, and make the bundles myself when I'm buying a selection from, say, a GOG weekend promo.

EDIT: Not first. :/
Post edited April 23, 2014 by BillyMaysFan59
I'm in, thanks.

I like bundles just fine. I pass over a lot of them because I either don't have the desire to throw more games on my pile or because they don't look sufficiently interesting, but as a consumer I'm not going to complain about "too many great sales".
I am in.

I only rarely purchase bundles. I'm rather particular and I'll only buy them if there is at least one game (preferably more) I really want. Otherwise, my playlist is plenty long enough already without adding games I'm not very interested in.

Thanks Sachys and The Sigil!
I'd like to be in, thanks.

Bundles can be a good thing. Though it can lead to technically buying things you don't really want. It depends really.
Thanks as usual, Sachys (+1) & The Sigil!

I'm in again.
I'm in! Thanks!

I think the more bundles, the better. I'm still mad I missed a few before I was wise to the ways of Humble Bundle and the like.
I'm in, thank you
I'm in, and many thanks, as always ^__^

I love bundles -- without them, I'd never be able to get all of the games I want to play! Yes, some of the recent ones have been pretty lacking, but one good bundle can make up for ten bad ones!
Count me in, thx :)

I do not follow bundles, but I've bought some Humble Bundles before. The games offered there are mostly shovelware and not worth my attention. Nice idea for indie developers though.

Greetz! :)
I'm in!
Of course I'm in .