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high rated
................... expensive telephone call !!!

FarCry 2 Fortune Edition

yada yada yada


winner and congratulations - Hardrada
Post edited December 08, 2012 by Ian

Wow, loved the first game, but never got around to getting the sequel. Maybe this is my time :)
Was on my wishlist for long time so count me in!
+1 and thx :)
Post edited December 07, 2012 by Trid
Not in, but thanks for your generosity Ian. +1
I'm in.
In with a hopeful grin!! Thank you Ian!
Thanks Ian, and count me in! :) +1
i'm in!
Thanks as always Ian!
Thanks. In.
I'm in too. Thanks for the giveaway. :)
Ian: snip
Not in but +1.
Huh, +1!

What am I +1ing for?
Not in, but +1 and thank you, Ian!
FarCry 2... If you want to gift all games I'm interested in, sure count me in :-D
Thank you Ian mate :-)