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500+ individual games 50% off + almost 50 amazing deals up to 85% off only for 24 more hours!

The day has come to finish off our extravagant [url=]2013 #NoDRM Summer Sale with a Grand Finale. All of the custom tailored gaming bundles and special offers you saw discounted by up to 85% are making a return, today. We're giving you one more chance to expand your collection with games of your favorite genres for ridiculously low prices. Outside of the special deals there's about 500 games out of our catalog, that you can get individually 50% off, so there's your chance to check off some items of your wishlist. If you've been eyeing some deals for the past couple of weeks, deciding which ones to get--now's your final call to act upon your gaming desires!

The 2013 #NoDRM Summer Sale Finale lasts until Friday, July 5, at 12:59PM GMT. Don't miss out on the extravagant DRM-free gaming opportunities, and please be so kind to inform your gamer friends about this fantastic offer. Tweet all about it, post the news on Facebook or Google+, send out the carrier pigeons (or ravens), or simply open your window and shout from the top of your lungs: " has hundreds of games with ridiculous discounts today!", thus making the world a better place with less DRM.

We're not stopping you any longer. Head to the front page to browse our bundles and special offers with discounts up to 85%, or pick your individual favorites from our catalog with 50% off discount. Just remember, you've only got time until Friday, July 5, at 12:59PM GMT.
....And here we go again.
Guess I will select 4 or 5 games of my wishlist to get for 50% and hope none of them appears tomorrow in the weekend promo...

And please GOG, in the next big promo reserve the encore sale only for the last day, not before, this kills part of the fun of these sales
ARGH all repeats
Would have thought there were some surprises.

I think marketing needs to look at putting new promos DURING the sale.....
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Will there be a weekend sale tomorrow?
This is crazy!! But anyway thanks GOG - I'm in between jobs and because the Summer Sale I'm not motivated to eagerly look for a job!!
Still no descent/freespace bundle... Sigh.... welp guess I'll just have to wait til next time I guess >_<
Really dissapointed in that it just was repeats the majority of the sale.

However. Cant be mad. Got a few games for 50% Off :).


So no release today? :(
I predicted a Deja Vu - and here it is.

No, no release today. Yes, there will be a weekend promo tomorrow, and we did our best to make it fun and interesting.
No Tomb Raider, no sale for me. :(
Only System Shock 2 for me this summer. I'll wait for the next sale - Wiz 8 and Rogue Legacy are on my wishlist.
I know there was quite a number of gamers checking everyday (including me) and some of them were disappointed/upset with the repeats, but hey I think this sale was better than the last XMas sale and there was over 500 games with 50% discount. Quite a few times I was literally sighing with relief, because buying new games every day or every second day is a mad idea.... So congratulations GOG Team and now let's patiently await for some newish and oldish releases!!
't was a good sale methinks. made some new drm-free friends in my ever-growing backlog. thanks a whole bunch (of ye Good Olde Games..and not so old ones)
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I own following bundles:
And therefore I can get individual games with the highest discount. PM me if you are interested. Paypal transfer is the most optimal option for me.

There are two bundles that I miss only one game so if your wishlist contains it I can you this game (or more games from the bundle as long as you want the missing one too) with the highest discount. Those bundles and missing games are: (Daikatana) (Lucius)