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plex0m4n: Thx for the info
You're welcome all
Nice. A free adventure.
I haven't actually played any Zak games if I recall right.
I guess It's about time to at least play other one, the free one. =P
Hey OP, thanks for the link. Downloaded and cataloged, can't wait to play it!
Thanks OP!

Been looking forward to this for so long now I forgot I was looking forward to it! What? It totally makes sense. Shut up.
I have been playing this game for a few days now and I got to say the remaster is fantastic. With it also being free there is no reason not to at least give it a go. It has a great narative, funny humour and great puzzles. There voice acting on some of the charecters are not top not here and there but this was made as a project of love to give free to everyone. So yeah thats what I think haha
prolog.jpg (10 Kb)
i stumbled into it i was googling for some old games and then it led me to the site

the game looks nice, its a shame the guys cant speak french, cause i would have loved to hear a french voice talking
but the subtitles and text must be in english, so english texts and interface but a french voice, that would be cool.

I noticed that the english voice fitted the character better, the german voice sounded younger and it looked as if the sound was 'lying on top' of the animation, its hard to explain but the voice didnot fit in the game, i expected a more darker german voice, just like the english voice.

The game looks very good, i am in the plane thats flying through a thunderstorm , i have to get out there quick cause the lightning is messing up my eyes :D

The new zak kickstarter game, is it like a FPP adventure? or more like a 3pp like black mirror? if its like black mirror or like secret files then it will be an nice addition to my game collection if it arrives on GOG.