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As a kid, Elite had this effect.

Lately it's been Kerbal.

"Okay, for tonight, I just do the construction."
"Okay, I just test it, and call the construction done when I'm sure it survives liftoff."
"Okay, so, I just put it in orbit."
"Okay, on the target's orbit, I mean."
"Okay, I'll just land and I'm done."
"Okay, just taking the scientific measures before bed."
"Okay, quickly lifting to orbit, because from here it's easy anyway."
"Okay, so, I just fly home and land, while I' m at it."
"Ooooh, new tech available. Let's just have a look at it in the construction center."
"Okay, for tonight, I just do the construction."

Having completed the tech tree in science mode did calm me a bit (though it happened middle in an interplanetary misssion I should still complete even though I won't require its scientific benefit anymore). But I fear the consequences of launching a career mode...
I stayed up until 5:30 AM recently to finish Face Noir. Why? I guess because I wanted it to be over. Truly one of the worst games I've ever played, adventure or otherwise. I can't wait to move on to something better.
So, I was playing Terror From the Deep last night. I think there must have been something wrong with my computer's clock though, because when I stopped playing it said it was 6am. Actually, I'm pretty sure all of the clocks in the house were wrong. That has to be it, right??
Usualy the cullprits here are either Paradox Games or MMOs.
Medieval II Total War is a great contender. I've owned the game since early 2007 and I'm still liable to be up all night with it. Unreal Tournament is like this as well, Rune Factory and Harvest Moon, Blitzkrieg, Men of War, Mario Party 5, Mount and Blade, quite a few. Xenoblade too. Age of Mythology, AoE III, and AoE II. I think I'll stop there. Pretty good list I'd say.
Mechcommander and Shadow of the Horned Rat are now on the list.
Recently it was Gears of War 2, I went back and beat it on Insane mode. Not really fun, more of an OCD thing.