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yogsloth: I will never be this bored.
Never say never. But yeah... I had a similar reaction when I saw the thread title. :P
Avian: Owls. Everyone is fond of Owls.

Mammals: Fox! Red, Arctic, Silver, doesn't matter, I <3 them all.

Reptiles: Bearded Dragon.

Insectoid: Millipedes. Especially the giant African ones. They're nature's trains!

Aquatic: Cephalopods.
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Elmofongo: There times where we marvel and fear animals of all species large and small. So I feel like discussing it. So here are the rules:

You must pick one animal of the species category, Avian, Mammal, Reptile, Insectoid, Aquatic, etc. So discuss.


Avian: Ravens

Mammals: Grey Wolves (They are the most family oriented of the canivorous mammals)

Reptiles: Turtles (what facisnates me of Turtles/Tortoises is their long life spans, imagine being able to live 100 years and the world around you changes yet you remain the same)

Insectoid: Ants (They are like their own society)

Aquatic:Cephalopods (Squids/Octopus) the most clever of sea animals.
There are a lot of people who live way past 100 years, though quite unusual, it´s not THAT rare.
Now if you are talking about turtles like the big archipelago ones who live around 300 years, THAT is something worth imagining.
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doady: Avian: Penguin. I like the way they walk and their lack of fear of humans.

Mammal: Orca. Smart and friendly, like all dolphins. Orcas look the coolest though.

Reptile: Penguin. See above.

Insectoid: Praying mantis. They look cool, and maybe have some degree of intelligence, maybe? I remember holding them in my hands when I was a kid.

Aquatic: either Penguin or Orca. See above.
They are as friendly as humans, yes :D

...not so to dolphins though, which they use as target practice, and penguins...and seals and infant whales. They are friendlier than lions though.
Avian: Pheasant (quite tasty)

Mammals: Dogs (quite tasty in korea apparently)

Reptiles: Hate reptiles

Insectoid: Hate insects

Aquatic: Trout is quite nice
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Riotact: Insectoid: Hat insects
Riotact: Insectoid: Hat insects
Oh yeah, I hate kids too!

j/k :)

EDIT: Just spotted the spelling, cheers! :)
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Bird: Owl
Mammal: Cheetah
Reptile: Tuatara
Invertebrate: Spider
Fish: Lionfish
 ▪  Avian:         <span class="bold">Gouldian finch</span> :  A beautiful and colorful bird.
 ▪  Mammals:    <span class="bold">Liger</span> :  The world's largest cat, a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger.
 ▪  Reptiles:     <span class="bold">Chameleon</span> :  An absolute master of disguise.
 ▪  Insectoid:    <span class="bold">Honey bee</span> :  An amazing worker.
 ▪  Amphibian:   <span class="bold">Paedophryne amauensis</span> :  The world's smallest vertebrate.
 ▪  Aquatic:      <span class="bold">Bottlenose dolphin</span> :  A highly intelligent and social creature.
Avian : Eagle Owl / Birds of Paradise /day hunting silent raptor / fab

Mammal : Tiger / Narwhal /beautiful / social cetacean on which very little is known

Reptile : All pit vipers in general but the Neo-Tropical Rattlesnake seem to be the most unique to me. Also the King Cobra for being such an isolated giant mutant. Its in a genus all to itself!

Arthropod : Butterflies- the Birdwing ones are awesome to watch. Moths also since they are easier to get close to and watch.

Fish : Humbolt Squid - it travels around the Humbolt current and is as big as a human and it seems to me to be cooler than the Giant Squid. Also the Sychlids from the African Great Lakes that can change gender.
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Avian: Parrot
Mammals: Cats
Reptiles: Chamaleon
Insectoid: Dragonfly
Aquatic: Whales (yes, their are also mammals)