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bler144: snip
abrasive charpit

16 chars sharp if I'm not mistaken... hmmm I wonder if I like it more than gamer...
bler144: Not sure it quite fits the character count, but after a few minutes playing around I think I settled on a 'Red Carpet' theme as what I might do if it were me with that icon, since that suggests celebrity and has some crossover into 'charpit':

Red charpit celebrity
Red charpit royalty
Red charpit treatment

or just simply, 'Red charpit'

Not entirely satisfying, but what the hell. I'll go in for Escape Goat 2. It's definitely not a suggestion worth any more than that. ;)
What's "charpit"?'
Guess my response didn't post - it's not used as much these days but it was used to refer to BBQ pits. Whether it was short for 'charcoal pit' or just a descriptor of what happened to meat in an old-fashioned pig roast, that I dunno.

There are even still a number of burger joints around the USA that use "Char-pit" in their business name as a way to convey that they grill the old fashioned way. Whether or not they do, it's what they want to evoke anyway.
Nice idea!
some suggestions:

Fight fire with fire
glimmer of hope
blaze of gunfire
blaze of glory
or for our sausage friends:
Barbecue Worldchampion
mcleodone: snip
Barbecue Worldchampion got a smirk out of me :)
drealmer7: snip

Providing light & warmth
Brasas: That's me allright...
Light me up
Burning up!

You're right that my creativity also got boosted by many of the ideas. Still I'll reward someone and "wear it" in their honor for a while at least.
Yes, I think it's a wonderful idea. You could even not use the exact tag and still have it be the winner for inspirations sake. I had more ideas to post yesterday but was unable to post. I think they were things like:

Burninator (if that's your sort of thing)
Not your average fire elemental (I know too many letters, but it's the ideas I'm trying to give to inspire you)
burn baby burn
too hot to touch
no marshmallows allowed
marshmallows welcome
repeat offender
vex post facto
wrong way rubber
wet oracle (or red oracle)
sharp & blunt

None are intended critically.
Still not in, thank you.
i won't scratch your back, its too hairy :)
Use "wishlist Dark Sun Wake of the Ravager".

Ummm... no, this is more than 16 characters long.

Use "wishlist Dark Su". There you go.
Something from here maybe ?
apehater: i won't scratch your back, its too hairy :)
How do you know? 0_o
grimwerk: snip

None are intended critically.
Still not in, thank you.
Pity then. I enjoy smart critique. :) Saves on the therapist bills you know?

red oracle is just a tad grandiose sounding, I'd rather something understated, or really hyperbolic, sharp & blunt is appealing in its internal contradiction, but doesn't go as far up to replace the frontrunners. Cheers though, you're on a good track ;)
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Gloricus the Red
Brasas: ...
I've added some new ideas to my post on the first page. The link to said post seems to be permanently borked, I hope you'll find it and take a look anyway :)
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Brasas: red oracle is just a tad grandiose sounding
I meant it to sound rhetorical. (Which you probably understood.)
apehater: i won't scratch your back, its too hairy :)
Brasas: How do you know? 0_o
top secret spy activity :)

how about Hairy Beast as title?