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+1 In for WASTELAND 2

Old But Gold


Fit For Rivals


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I'm in! Thank you for the chance +1

I have a couple of names:

Fire Lord


Knuckles (it would look like "Brasas Knuckles, like brass knuckles.)

The game i would love is Invisible Inc.
Not in but thanks and +1 for slightly irrational generosity level!

My suggestion: Planet Pierogi
No need to thank me XD
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low rated
Scratch on my car, scratch on yo ass.
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Great thread and giveaway. Brasas, thank you and +1

I don't know you, so it's hard to come up with something that would resonate with you, but here are a few I like

If you like fire, as your avatar would suggest, then

Walks with fire

Dances with fire

Runs with fire

Editing to add a few more fiery ones.

Good luck, hope you find something that expresses the real you. :-)
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I'm in.

Here are my suggestions.
God Of Hellfire
Burn Baby Burn
Lord Of Light
Igni Ferroque
Cleansing Fire
Fire Giant
fire jötnar
fire jötunn
son of Ignus

I don't know what game I want from you if I win but I won't choose something expensive because that would be too much to ask.
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Cyraxpt: snip

Btw, just curious, brasas is portuguese for charcoal and your avatar does look like it, is it the same word in polish?
Far from the same word, just that I'm not Polish ;)

tinyE: On what planet does that look like charcoal? :P
Huh... always thought those charcoal embers were obvious... can we attribute it to your failing eyesight?

JMich: I gave you a url shortener with a twist, and a link to my wishlist. Since I didn't give you a specific forum title, I also didn't give a specific game title. If you do think my suggestion is the best, feel free to choose any title from my wishlist.

It was an interesting idea JMich, I just wasn't sure if you were in or not. I like other ideas more already though.

I'll post a few favorites and why I like them later today, so y'all can either hone in or start subverting them.
How about "I just spent 20$ on this lousy forum signature and I don't know why!"

also, you might be interested in some complemetary, must-have virtual goodies such as a fabulous top hat or unique horse armor for your avatar available for only 4.99$ extra! (Offer good while supplies last)
Brasas: It was an interesting idea JMich, I just wasn't sure if you were in or not. I like other ideas more already though.
No worries, I just wanted to remind people that you can use unicode in urls.
For the forum title, I'd pick something that goes along with the avatar picture. From your picture it kind of looks like a fire-like nebulae so I think the best title would either be Nova or Super Nova (Hyper Nova if you want the most powerfull form of Nova).

Or if your a fan of Borderlands 2's Mister Torque you could have EXPLOSIONS!!! as your forum title.
how about "not brazzers"?

count me in, thanks!
Fires of Doom