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Cyraxpt: In case it wasn't obvious, i was just joking therefore not in.

Btw, just curious, brasas is portuguese for embers and your avatar does look like it, is it the same word in polish?
Fixed that for you. :P
Some ideas:

Click Here
Newly Used
nes400 Alt

You didn't saw the last one... :D

edit: forgot to thank you for the giveaway so thanks but not in! ;)
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Pardinuz: Fixed that for you. :P
From now on i'll just call it burned wood.
Cyraxpt: From now on i'll just call it burned wood.
You mean Ash?



Screw you guys, i'm out of this thread.
"No me des la brasa" (It means "Do not bother me" in spanish.)

"#E60026" (HTML code for Red color)
gunsynd: Red Galaxy.
I can improve it -> "Red Galaxy ☭" (Isn't it awesome to have this symbol in Unicode?)

Also there are a lot of cool symbols in Unicode you can use. You can check some of them here:

Between the 2600 and 2800 there are a lot of graphic symbols you could find interesting. Some examples: ☃, ☄, ☠, ☢, ☣, ☘, ☺, ✈, ☮, ☯,...

You could even make a story with them.

I'm in for Rogue Legacy. Good luck with this, I wish you can find something you like. Also thanks for the giveaway. ✌
Put "Fine Airline" in there.
Swedes will understand.
Since you seem to have a thing for fire, I suggest:

You got a light?
"Abrasive Gamer"
I'm in as well.Now, for your new user title, if I were you I'd go with something fairly descriptive of the avatar you have and maybe amusing too.
I personally thus propose you write KABOOM!, especially as that's one of the first titles I thought when I saw your giveaway topic, plus it seems to me for some reason fitting with your avatar. As for what I'd pick in the (fairly unlikely, given the conmpetition) case I won, I'd like Snapshot -it's one of the few games I'm interested in, that rarely ever gets discounted.
Anyways, thanks a lot for hosting this giveaway Brasas and +1!
Fus Ro Dah!!!!
Ride em Cowboy!!
Up yooooours!!!! or I'm Baaaaack!!!!
Get off my Lawn!
We are The Borg
In Valens name
We Are One
Scorched Earth or Ramming Speed!!!
Order VS Chaos
Ivanova is God
Pride Before Fall Shame "Arrogance and Stupidity in single package! How efficient of you!" does not fit. ;-p
He Was Good Man
Tick Tock
We Come In Peace
Hold the Line!!!
And so it Begins
The Last Stand
Death Incardate

Pick one or choose all ;-p
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totally radical

Not in.
Just noticed you're Polish. So added a second one to my original post.
Thanks for the generous giveaway! +1

Please count me in with a phrase you can encrypt with the Morse code -


GOG > --. --- --.

Bear > -... . .- .-.

? > ..--..

ONE > --- -. .

And the famous ... --- ... which means SOS (or Save Our Souls).
For some reason your avatar reminds me of The Seventh Seal
not in